Chrishell Stause hits eyebrow-raising headline about her real estate career

Chrishell Stause would like to clarify something about her career in real estate.

The ‘Selling Sunset’ star made headlines after a comment she made in a recent interview was misinterpreted by multiple media outlets. In her interview with W, Stause admitted that she hasn’t sold as many homes as she would like. “As of June, I think I’ve closed seven real estate deals so far [this year]. It’s not a ton of offers. I could of course do a lot more if that was my only focus, but it’s not,” she explained with in the past. “She also teased about switching gears and getting back to her true passion — acting. I’d never be good at a nine-to-five anyway.”

Stause has been a real estate agent for years, and Selling Sunset showcases her career to the fullest. It’s safe to assume she’s sold more than a handful of properties, but the headlines say otherwise. And now Stause wants to set things straight.

Chrishell Stause slams the media for twisting her words

Chrishell Stause wants everyone to know that she has sold more than seven homes during her real estate career. She exclaimed on Twitter persons for claiming she “only sold 7 houses,” and clarifying that the number only covers this year’s sales. “This YEAR,” she wrote. “I know what you’ve been trying to do here @people.” Fans immediately came to her defense and said so, even if she would have I’ve only sold seven houses, they’re all properties worth millions anyway. “7 Multi-Million Dollar Homes, Just Keep Smiling.” A fan assured her. “7 in 7 months is actually very good”, wrote another.

The “Selling Sunset” star is no stranger to people questioning her career. In the past she has been accused of being a fake real estate agent. Luckily, Stause’s boss and ex-boyfriend, Jason Oppenheim, confirmed that she’s the real deal. “Chrishell was a practicing agent at another brokerage firm for many years before they made Selling Sunset,’He told People in 2020, “Any suggestion that the agents on our show aren’t experienced, successful, or licensed is a total disregard for the facts.”

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But while Stause is a savvy realtor, she said she loves acting and always will. “I started in 2005. It’s always going to be that first love for me,” she told W. “It’s also less stressful because it’s not you personally. You’re playing a character and you’re not responsible if people hate a character who’s really mean or crazy.”