Chris Rock’s reported joke about canceling an Oscar hosts gig infuriates Twitter

fire back! Less than six months after Will Smith stormed the Oscars stage and slammed Chris Rock over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Rock finally clapped back into the academy — and disappointed fans who wished he hadn’t.

Since the slap, Rock has remained relatively quiet about the situation. Smith, on the other hand, has been vocal about regret for his actions. Immediately following the situation, Smith apologized on social media, saying his behavior was “unacceptable” and that he was “embarrassed” for what he had done. Then in July, Smith doubled down on his apology in a video addressed to Rock. In the clip, Smith apologizes directly to Rock — something he didn’t do in his Oscars acceptance speech — and states that he’s ready to speak up when Rock is. However, Rock has so far declined all of Smith’s previous invitations to speak.

But while Rock may not be ready to speak to Smith, it seems he’s finally ready to speak up. In July, the comedian spoke out for the first time, saying via Harper’s Bazaar that “anyone who says hurt words has never been slapped in the face.” And after this foray into joking about her slap, Rock hinted it wouldn’t be his last. That’s so far because after he made a controversial slap joke on his latest comedy show, fans are now firing back at the comedian.

Chris Rock compared the Oscars to OJ Simpson

During a comedy show in Phoenix over the weekend of Aug. 27, Chris Rock fired back at the Oscars for asking him to host the upcoming 2023 awards show. Rock declined a request to host again, going on to say that his return to the Oscars stage would be like a criminal returning to the scene of their crime, per the Los Angeles Times. Taking the joke even further, Rock compared his return to OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson, saying it would be like Nicole going back to where she and OJ were before they were murdered.

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But while fans were happy that Rock was finally speaking out, many fans weren’t happy with Rock’s reaction — particularly the comparison to Nicole Brown Simpson. Many fans felt the joke was insensitive and inconsiderate on Twitter. One fan, who aired his grievances online, wrote, “I didn’t know Chris Rock was such a bi***.” Another fan added, “I’ve been with Will Smith from the start and would support him fully Beating Chris Rock again.” But while many were unhappy with the way Rock broke his silence, some fans chose to speak up for Rock. “You do realize he’s saying that to upset people, right? He’s a comedian…” one fan wrote. Another fan added, “Get what Chris Rock is saying… a bit dramatic, not really funny. Both have learned something, just keep going.”