Cheryl Burke is crystal clear about her feelings about Tyra Banks

Cheryl Burke opens up about recent comments she’s made about newer cast members of “Dancing with the Stars.” The longtime DWTS actress made headlines last month after speaking to journalist Allison Kugel about the development of DWTS on an episode of her YouTube series Allison Interviews. Burke noted that “it’s important” to allow the series to shift before sharing her thoughts on the position of the new “DWTS” cast members. “I think it’s important that we see these changes,” Burke said. “It’s a comfort to know the show is still going… the foundation is there, but it’s nice to throw in a few newcomers. Whether they survive is another question.”

One of the latest changes made to the hit competitive series is the hiring of a new celebrity host. Back in 2020, Tyra Banks became the show’s host when Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews left their positions as co-hosts, according to Us Weekly. Burke also discussed how Banks got started with hosting during the COVID-19 pandemic, stating, “[Banks] had a lot of pressure to be part of a well-oiled machine here on Dancing with the Stars.” Major news outlets then covered the story, such as The US Sun, which wrote in a headline that Burke was a “hint[ing] on former host Tom Bergeron’s return to the show” with this remark. Burke has since responded to that coverage to set the record straight.

Cheryl Burke’ respect[s]’Tura Banks ‘very’

Dance pro Cheryl Burke has nothing but positive feelings for model and presenter Tyra Banks. After Burke’s interview in “Allison Interviews” drew media attention, Burke took to social media to discuss these news articles. In a Sept. 6 Instagram story, Burke addressed an article from The US Sun that claimed Burke alluded to “former host Tom Bergeron’s return to the show after ‘newcomer’ Tyra Banks felt ‘pressure.’ to join the series.” Burke explained that this was “taken out of context” for Heavy. “Please stop starting unnecessary drama. It’s not true,” Burke said. “I think Tyra is doing a great job. I love Tom…it means nothing more than that.”

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Additionally, the performer opened up about the topic on a Sept. 7 episode of her Burke in the Game podcast, where Bergeron guest-starred. “I respect [Banks] very much,” Burke said. “I want to be clear that when I say I would love to see Tom Bergeron come back to the show, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Tyra needs to be fired or that I don’t want Tyra on it. These comments echo other positive comments Burke has made about Banks in the past. “I think [Banks is] Great. It really is her. And I look forward to seeing what she wears every week!” Burke told Us Weekly in 2020 when asked if Banks hosts “DWTS.” She also called Banks “very real” as the show’s host.