Chase Stokes opens up about a tragic loss

The cast of the Netflix hit series Outer Banks experienced a major tragedy during the filming of Season 3 of the show. On July 5, Alexander “AJ” Jennings — a deputy and stand-in for actor Chase Stokes — was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Charleston, South Carolina, where the teen drama is being filmed. The young talent was struck by two vehicles on Sol Legare Road at around 2:30 a.m., according to a press release from Charleston authorities. One of the drivers who fled the scene was reportedly arrested shortly afterwards during a traffic stop.

The 22-year-old’s heartbreaking death was later confirmed by Kimmie Stewart Casting in a social media post. “It is with great sadness that I share that I was informed of his tragic death by Alexander ‘AJ’ Jennings’ mother on Tuesday,” the post reads. “AJ was a beautiful, kind soul and a shining light every day on set. I cannot understand the shock and tragedy of AJ’s sudden loss and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.” Alongside Kimmie Stewart Casting’s statement, one of the show’s stars also posted on social media, to mourn the loss of Alexander.

Chase Stokes says his heart was broken after the death of AJ Jennings

Shortly after the tragic death of Alexander “AJ” Jennings was announced, “Outer Banks” star Chase Stokes took to social media to mourn the loss of his surrogate and friend. “I’m still trying to process why certain things happen and why the world works the way it does,” he said on his Instagram Story. “My heart is broken. Your life has just begun.” Stokes then highlighted a recent conversation the pair had before describing the past day as “a struggle”. “We all love you, you touched all of our lives and made us all better people in return. Thank you AJ Fly High Angel.”

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Aside from Stokes’ candid testimony, friends of the actor also took to social media to reflect on Jennings and his life. Actor Chevy Coff, who is also part of the cast of Outer Banks season 3, described meeting the young actor as “a blessing” before discussing their time together. “His leaving early is still unbelievable, we had a ball on @obx set this season,” he wrote. Another friend uploaded a video compilation of Jennings and wrote, “This still feels unreal.”

As of this writing, Netflix has yet to make any official comment on the young talent’s death, and it’s unclear how this tragic loss will impact the show. In an additional report from TMZ, “grief counseling” is offered to all cast and crew members who need emotional support.