Celeb death Joe Rogan still can’t get over it

Long before Joe Rogan became a media mogul through podcasting, he was a cast member on the sitcom NewsRadio in the 1990s. During the show, Rogan befriended the show’s star, Phil Hartman, who was tragically killed by his wife in a 1998 murder suicide. Years later, the UFC commentator opened up about how Hartman’s death affected him. “It was terrible. It was like something you never thought would happen to someone you know,” Rogan said on The Nerdist podcast in 2014. The comedian added that Hartman’s death served as a warning of just how dangerous abusive relationships were.

A few years later, Rogan spoke on his own podcast about the murder of the “Saturday Night Live” alum and how surreal the experience felt. “It was one of the weirdest moments of my life,” the podcaster said on The Joe Rogan Experience in 2019 when discussing Hartman. “I got calls saying he was dead. The phone just kept ringing,” he added. “It just didn’t seem real. Who would kill this guy? He was the nicest guy,” Rogan said. He also recalled partying while working with Hartman and how they once went to a strip club.

Following Bob Saget’s untimely death in January, Rogan took to Instagram to pay tribute to the comedian. “I will miss him very much. RIP,” he wrote. Alongside these deaths, there was another prominent death that particularly shook Rogan.

The heartbreaking way Joe Rogan remembers Anthony Bourdain

Joe Rogan opened up about the death of a friend again on an episode of his podcast when he spoke about how difficult it was to process Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. “When he died, I was done for a while,” the comedian said Sept. 7 on The Joe Rogan Experience. Bourdain died in 2018 and Rogan revealed how he struggled to fully move on. The podcaster had a keepsake to commemorate the acclaimed chef and TV host. “I have an old phone that — I keep changing my number — and I keep that number because I have text messages from him,” Rogan said. The former The Man Show host said he scrolls through old Bourdain texts and photos when he’s feeling nostalgic. In fact, Rogan felt particularly distressed because he believes Bourdain’s death could have been prevented. “I think if I had been there I could have helped,” Rogan added.

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The two celebrities had appeared on each other’s shows. Bourdain was a guest on “JRE” for Episode 138, while Rogan accompanied the traveling cook on a hunting expedition for part of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”. In 2016, Bourdain said during a Reddit AMA that he’s spent a lot of time with Rogan, but not on a jiujitsu mat. “As much as I love the guy, I do everything with him; Shooting animals in the brain, canoeing, jacuzzi, you name it. But I don’t roll with the guy,” Bourdain wrote in response to a fan.