Catherine Zeta-Jones’ daughter is her twin sister

Undoubtedly one of the biggest names in entertainment, Catherine Zeta-Jones had a booming career in the early 2000s. In 2003, the actress won an Oscar for her role as Velma Kelly in the hit musical Chicago. But what made the award-winning moment even more special was that Zeta-Jones was pregnant with her second child, Carys Zeta Douglas, at the time. During her speech, Zeta-Jones saluted her husband, Michael Douglas, and explained that she shares the Oscar with him, as well as her other “gift” — their soon-to-be daughter.

Not long after winning the Oscar, Zeta-Jones gave birth to their first and only daughter, Carys (via People). Over the years, Carys has become a fixture on her mom’s Instagram page, and it’s easy to see just how strong the mother-daughter duo is. Zeta-Jones rarely misses an opportunity to care for her daughter, and birthdays are no exception. “Happy 19th Birthday to my beautiful daughter (inside and out) Carys, because of you every day is a joy. Love you with all my heart mom,” she wrote in an adorable Instagram post in April. She also shared another upload with son Dylan Douglas, her husband Michael and Carys as she gushed over how happy she was over the quality time. “The Band Is Back Together! Happy, So Happy! College Campus!” wrote the Oscar winner.

And while Zeta-Jones shares a lot of love for their daughter Carys on social media, they also share another thing in common — their looks.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter Carys Douglas are twins

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter have a great resemblance, which is easy to see in photos. Whenever Zeta-Jones posts a shot with her lookalike daughter, it doesn’t take long for fans to comment on their similarities. In 2021, Zeta-Jones shared a sweet series of snaps to honor Cary’s birthday. “Happy 18th birthday, Carys Zeta! You are everything and everything is you. Thank you for the joy you bring me,” she wrote under the upload.

The first photo in the carousel was a throwback shot of Zeta-Jones and a young Carys. In the second photo, Carys posed alone, but the resemblance to her mother in both images was uncanny. Fans took to the post’s comments section to gush over their similar performances. “Looks just like her mum! wrote one follower. “Wow she is a stunning looking beauty like you Catherine,” commented another fan. “She gets her looks very much from you, love how close you two are. Michael and Dylan must be so proud of her too.”

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Zeta-Jones also gave her daughter a shout-out on International Women’s Day, and again fans flocked to the comments section to point out how much they look alike. “I can see so much of you in your daughter! Plus a little bit of Micheal Douglas, your husband! Really beautiful, both inside and out!” gushed one fan. Is it just us or just can’t get enough of this twin mother daughter duo?

Catherine Zeta-Jones gets nostalgic when Carys Douglas goes to college

Getting your kids to college is always a challenging task for most moms. Catherine Zeta-Jones hasn’t been shy about sharing her children’s growing up on social media, and it seems like fans have been there for every milestone.

In 2021, Zeta-Jones released a cute throwback video of her daughter talking about arctic animals. In true Zeta Jones form, she also shared a lengthy caption as she gushed about her daughter’s next stage in life. “My daughter Carys is getting ready for college!!! Very sweet alert!! The path to higher education begins on the bathroom floor, with limited teeth (hence the lisp) and a passion for books,” she wrote in the upload. “Carys is packing her bags and I’m looking at old videos, don’t tell her I posted that.” How cute is that?

Zeta-Jones also made sure to post a tribute to her daughter when she graduated from high school. The mother-of-two shared a shot with husband Michael Douglas, son Dylan and Carys rocking a hat and dress on their graduation day. “Carys!!! What a proud day to see our daughter Carys graduating with honors from her International Baccalaureate! You rock and we love you,” she beamed of the update. Of course, fans also commented on the post to share their good wishes with the teenager.

It’s safe to say that Zeta-Jones is incredibly close to her two children, but their resemblance to Carys just makes them two peas in one pod.