Casey Affleck proves he’s just like his brother Ben

News about Ben Affleck’s love for Jennifer Lopez has dominated headlines lately. Their upcoming nuptials are set to take place in Georgia, with TMZ reporting on Aug. 18 that the happy couple has already arrived. The couple had an unusual path to the altar. As Us Weekly summarized, they had plans to wed in 2003 before calling off the ceremony just days in advance. They officially broke up just a few months later and moved on with other people before eventually reuniting in 2021.

Between his relationships with Lopez, Affleck had another high-profile love affair… with Dunkin’ Donuts. The actor is photographed with coffee from the chain so often that outlets like People have compiled articles of his best hits. Even Affleck himself is caught up in the joke. While appearing on “SNL,” he starred in a skit as “Donny,” a Dunkin’ Donuts fanatic.

It’s no surprise that Affleck’s busy wedding weekend would feature Dunkin’ Donuts’ energizing coffee… The Affleck brothers prove America is Dunkin’, and loving Dunkin’ runs in the family.

Casey stopped in Dunkin before the Bennifer wedding

Ahead of his flight to the Georgia wedding, Casey Affleck was spotted picking up some donuts from a Dunkin’ in Los Angeles. Page Six photographed the actor carrying two boxes of breakfast treats while his girlfriend Caylee Cowan served the coffee.

It’s no wonder Casey might want to rest up ahead of wedding weekend since the Bennifer nuptials were already quite the affair. As TMZ summarized, the couple had a surprise, intimate ceremony in Vegas in July. Now close friends and family are joining them in Georgia — where their 2003 wedding was scheduled to take place — for a weekend of celebrations.

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Casey’s coffee break and Ben’s official marriage to his Miscellaneous Love probably won’t be enough to strip him of his title as King of Dunkin. Instead, some think the marriage just marks a new chapter in his beautiful Dunkin’ love story. “I just love that Ben Affleck wakes up every day and finds his one true love – J Lo – lying next to him and softly whispers to her, ‘I’m going to Dunkin, do you want anything?'” tweeted a person. Other found hope in his happy ending: “Ben Affleck makes me feel like anything is possible through Dunkin.”