Carson Daly gives positive health update after long absence from tonight’s show

Carson Daly has been a fixture at NBC for years. He hosts The Voice, the NBC New Years special, and his role as a social reporter for the Today show. However, it has been difficult to catch a glimpse of Daly lately as he recovers from extensive surgery. In August, Daly decided to briefly retire from his role on the Today show to undergo a spinal fusion.

“I’ve really deteriorated physically,” Daly explained in an email to Today’s producers. “For me, I’ve always believed that surgery would only be a last resort after I’ve exhausted all other forms of lower back pain relief and healing techniques,” he continued. “Put simply, after 20 years I’ve literally tried everything.” Daly injured his back in a snowmobile accident while working at MTV in 1997. Since then, he has been plagued by excruciating back pain, which has worsened over the years. The chronic pain has impacted every part of Daly’s life, from work to the way he sleeps at night.

So in September, Daly underwent anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) surgery and took time off work to focus on his recovery. Over a month later, Daly returned to Today with some exciting news about his health.

Carson Daly is better than ever

After extensive surgery and a seven-week recovery, Carson Daly returned to the Today show feeling better than ever. Daly was pleased to announce to his colleagues and fans that the procedure was a success. Daly, who admitted he still had a long way to go in terms of his recovery, is enjoying a new life. His improved health has made him rethink everything about his life, including his relationship with food.

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“When you’re in pain and you just want to feel good, it changes your relationship with food and drink and your life,” he said. “And then when they fix the pain, you’re left with these other complex areas of your life to deal with and realign.” Daly has been very open about his health in the past, including his struggles with chronic anxiety – something he also works to overcome every day.

As Daly continues to find balance in his new life, he hopes his journey can inspire others to put their health first. “If you are struggling with physical or emotional pain, please seek help. It’s hard to see but there’s a light on the other end,” he wrote in an emotional Instagram post. “After many years, I just saw it.” For now, however, Daly is happy to be back at work and has spent his first day covering everything from The Crown to Harrison Ford’s new role.