Candace Parker’s daughter is her twin sister

There are plenty of celebrities who look eerily similar to each other (or even ordinary people) despite not being related at all, and there are even more celebrities who look like younger versions of their own famous parents. Then there are the celebrity offspring who have yet to make a name for themselves but could easily do so with their parents’ genes, with actor Paul Rudd and his son Jack Sullivan Rudd being one such example. That’s a lot of doubles!

It’s time to add another celebrity to this list. This time it’s Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player Candace Parker, as reported by Hollywood Life. Fans may not know that Parker, who plays for Chicago Sky, has a double of her own — her daughter, Lailaa Nicole Williams. ESPN previously reported that Parker described herself and Williams as a “package deal” when she joined the WBNA bubble in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s easy to see why.

Lailaa Nicole Williams looks just like mom Candace Parker

According to the Hollywood Life website, Lailaa Nicole Williams is the daughter of Candace Parker from her relationship with former NBA player Shelden Williams, to whom she was previously married. Parker is now married to Anna Petrakova, with whom she welcomed son Airr Larry Petrakov Parker in February 2022 (via NBC’s “Today”).

Even in Candace’s Instagram post announcing the birth of her son, it would be easy to choose twice which side of the photo Lailaa is on, her hair in a similar braid style to her mother’s, since the two are on either side seated by Petrakova, who is pictured cradling Airr Larry in her arms.

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Other photos of the mother-daughter duo, like another Instagram snap by Candace of her smiling blended family, show just how alike she and Lailaa really look. The two have visibly similar facial features and smiles, and it looks like Lailaa might share Candace’s height as well (ESPN writes that Candace Parker is 6ft 4in tall).

Candace Parker is also proud of her son

Alongside her daughter Lailaa Nicole Williams lookalike, there’s no doubt that Candace Parker is proud to be a mom to two. She’s also taken to Instagram to brag about her son, Airr Larry Petrakov Parker, whom she shares with wife Anna Petrakova. Celebrating six months since Airr Larry’s birth, Candace wrote about her son and captioned it, “I’m in love with being your mom,” while also praising her wife’s parenting skills as Airr Larry’s “mom.”

After Airr Larry’s birth, Candace told Insider the different meanings of his name. These include that the spelling of her son’s first name was partially inspired by her daughter’s name, Lailaa. “The double letter at the end – RR – is [because] My daughter’s name ends in AA,” she shared with the website. She also confirmed to Insiders that her son is known by the nickname “Goose” to family and friends, and that’s the name she used in her Instagram caption to address him.