Cameron Diaz’s earlier threatening words come back to haunt her

There’s something with Cameron. For the past few years, Cameron Diaz fans have been vocal about missing the actor in new comedies. As well as starring in films like The Mask and My Best Friend’s Wedding, she also took part in the early 2000s reboot of Charlie’s Angels and lent to the Shrek franchise as Princess Fiona her voice. However, Diaz’s career was cut short in 2014 when she abruptly retired. Her final film remains this year’s “Annie” remake, in which her performance was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress. To add insult to injury, Diaz earned Worst Actress awards for two other roles: “The Other Woman” and “Sex Tape,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Finally, in 2022, Diaz opened up about her retirement and why she chose to step away from the spotlight. Speaking on CBS News, she told Gayle King, “Let me just step back for a moment, take a look at how the bigger picture looks to me and what things I could do better and be more involved that would make me feel more complete.” And I did.” In her absence, Diaz welcomed her first daughter Raddix with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden and co-founded wine brand Avaline.

Now, eight years later, Diaz is finally ready to return to the big screen after being pulled out of retirement by Jamie Foxx for the Netflix film Back in Action. Unfortunately, an anecdote from someone who once worked with Diaz threatens her comeback before it’s even begun.

Cameron Diaz reportedly wished someone cancer

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Cameron Diaz’s much-anticipated comeback has got off to a rocky start – ‘Back in Action’ isn’t even out yet and it’s already attracting some negative attention. Jann Wenner, the co-founder of Rolling Stone and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, shared a story about the actor in his forthcoming memoir, Like a Rolling Stone (via The Daily Mail). When Wenner owned Us Weekly, he claimed that an actor who saw the magazine kissing Justin Timberlake on a surfboard in the mid-2000s was “awkward to deal with,” and told a magazine staffer, “I hope you get it.” Cancer” (via Page Six).

Diaz and Timberlake may have starred in 2007’s ‘Shrek the Third,’ but their alleged comment is anything but kid-friendly. While Wenner didn’t explicitly name Diaz, all the evidence is consistent: She was dating Timberlake during this time, and a 2006 paparazzi photo of the couple has resurfaced exactly as described. Diaz has yet to respond to Wenner’s claims, although it would be interesting to hear her side of the story — not that it’s ever okay to say such a thing.

Back in Action doesn’t have an official release date, so Wenner’s allegations may backfire in the meantime, leaving Diaz’s comeback unscathed. If not, she might need to call on her angels!