Bubba Wallace is in dire straits with NASCAR

After the third round of the NASCAR playoffs, Bubba Wallace got into a physical altercation with another racer, Kyle Larson, after a crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, according to ESPN. Larson and Wallace got in each other’s way during the race, causing serious tension at the track. Wallace appeared to retaliate by intentionally destroying Larson’s vehicle, which NASCAR is now investigating.

When the race was over, it became clear that Wallace was furious and blamed his loss on Larson’s interference on the track. He immediately got out of his vehicle and began yelling at Larson. Although Larson tried to avoid an altercation, Wallace shoved the driver multiple times before the spit ended, according to CBS News.

After the incident, Wallace addressed his actions on social media. “I would like to apologize for my actions on Sunday following the incident at the track involving Kyle Larson and the #5 car,” Wallace wrote via Instagram. “Coming to think of it, I should have represented our partners and core team values ​​better than I did by letting my frustrations haunt me outside the car. They live and learn, and I intend to learn from them.” Although Wallace took responsibility for his behavior and issued a public apology, it may not have been enough to save him from some serious consequences.

Bubba Wallace faces a hefty fine for destroying Kyle Larson

Bubba Wallace created quite a scene when he decided to push another driver, Kyle Larson, after an incident during the Oct. 16 NASCAR playoff race. After the altercation, it was unclear what kind of impact Wallace would expect from NASCAR. However, just days after the one-sided brawl, NASCAR decided to suspend Wallace from the next NASCAR Cup Series championship event, according to their official Twitter account.

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After the suspension was announced, NASCAR Chief Operating Officer Steve O’Donnell revealed why Wallace was in serious trouble during an interview on NASCAR radio’s “SiriusXM Speedway.” He explained (via People), “Our actions are really specific to what happened at the circuit. And if we look at how this incident happened, we think it’s really dangerous.” O’Donnell continued, “We thought that was intentional and it would endanger other competitors.”

Wallace’s team, 23XI Racing, released a statement in accordance with NASCAR following the suspension. “Bubba’s behavior is not consistent with the values ​​of our team and partners,” the company wrote on Twitter. “We spoke to Bubba and expressed our disapproval of how he handled the situation.” Wallace seemed to make things worse after the wreck in his post-race interview with NBC Sports, when he explained his outburst with the shrugged and said, “[That’s] Sports.”