Bruce Willis’ rep is silent on allegations against Randall Emmett

Bruce Willis’ team didn’t hold back as producer Randall Emmett urged the actor to come to terms with his devastating health condition. Back in March, the legendary action star’s family announced that Willis was retiring from acting due to his aphasia diagnosis. However, the condition, which impairs a person’s ability to communicate, didn’t slow down Willis one bit.

Though it’s unclear how long the actor has suffered from aphasia, Willis has starred in an extreme number of films over the past two years, 15 of which have been direct-to-video and another four that have yet to be released, per IMDb. Rob Gough, who starred opposite Willis in American Siege, also praised the Die Hard actor’s ability to work in his condition. He told People, “Even though he went through that when he was in front of the camera — it comes naturally to him, he just tuned in, and you had no idea anything was going on.”

Emmett, who has worked with Willis on at least 20 new films, reportedly had a different story lately when it came to working with Willis. According to a reveal from the Los Angeles Times (via Us Weekly), Emmett told his former fiancé, Lala Kent, in 2020 that he couldn’t work with Willis anymore, saying, “It’s just so sad. Bruce can’t remember any of his lines. He doesn’t know where he is.” Fans were concerned that Emmett was knocking Willis to the ground, but Willis’ rep simply brushed aside that rumor.

Bruce Willis spokesperson denies producer Randall Emmett screwed him

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When news broke about Bruce Willis’ health, fans worried that Hollywood producer Randall Emmett was ragging him. Willis has worked on a large number of films with Emmett recently, but according to Willis’ attorney, Martin Singer, it was all his own doing. “My client continued to work after his medical diagnosis because he wanted and could work, just like many others who have been diagnosed with aphasia and are able to continue working,” Singer told the Los Angeles Times (via Us Weekly). “Because Mr. Willis was in these films, they were funded. This left literally thousands of people in work, many during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

While Singer may have cleared Emmett of any abuse towards Willis, the producer is still in hot water. The Los Angeles Times reported that several women have accused Emmett of sexually inappropriate behavior (via Vulture). In addition, Lala Kent has accused him of being physically violent towards her, and several of his former assistants have claimed they were asked to transport drugs, among other things. To add icing on the cake to Emmett’s legal troubles, the Los Angeles Times also reported that Emmett and his production company are being sued for outstanding debts and uncontested payments totaling more than $25 million.

However, Emmett has denied all allegations made by his representative, Sallie Hofmeister.