Britney Spears couldn’t care less about social media haters on her honeymoon

‘Toxic’ pop star Britney Spears has never had a problem clapping back at the haters in her life. In June, she used her much-loved official Instagram account to call out Kelly Clarkson about an alleged 2008 trifle that Britney branded as “bullying,” according to HollywoodLife. Also in June, she clapped back to her mother, Lynne Spears, who commented that she was “sooo happy” about her daughter’s recent marriage to Sam Asghari, per Page Six. “Am I lucky enough mom?” She captioned her post as only Brit can.

Back in January, she called her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, for writing a comprehensive book mentioning Britney’s alleged mental state and 13 years at the conservatory, according to People. “The two things that bothered me were my sister saying my behavior was out of control. She was never around me much at that time 15 years ago… so why are they even talking about it unless she wants to sell? a book at my expense??? REALLY???” she wrote on social media.

Now the “Oops, I Did It Again” singer has done it again, this time on her honeymoon with Asghari following their high-profile wedding in June. She has used her beloved Instagram to post video compilations of her honeymoon on yachts full of sand, surf and bikinis. But this time she didn’t give a damn about everyone else’s comments.

Britney Spears calls her PDA ‘obnoxious’ but ignores the haters

It’s Britney, Beach! Gimme More singer Britney Spears is currently on a tropical honeymoon with husband Sam Asghari in an undisclosed location, and she has two IG video compilations to prove it. The first shows her and Asghari cavorting and snogging on a yacht at full speed. “Am I obnoxious enough???” She jokes in the caption. The second sees her frolicking in the surf, showing off her slim bikini body, even topless at one point. “No, this isn’t a campaign for girls gone wild…I’m just living my life!!!” she partially writes in the caption. “This is what happens when you take a 2 week yacht island vacation…jumping from island to island is literally insane!!!”

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While the “Work B***h” singer looks cheerful and carefree, the commenting feature isn’t that pleasant. “This guy doesn’t seem to love her, he doesn’t even want to kiss her,” said one troll, while another opined, “We think he’s using you and he’s not real.” One troll had the audacity to write, “You must Social check Britney Spears to make sure she is online and free and not being held against her will.”

At the moment, the “Piece of Me” singer hasn’t clapped back, but considering Asghari added two heart-eye emojis in the comments, we’re betting that’s the only opinion she cares about right now.