Brendan Fraser’s reaction to his standing ovation has fans hearts beating faster

Brendan Fraser is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood despite having strayed a bit from the limelight. Perhaps best known for starring in The Mummy films, the star has also appeared in George of the Jungle, Dudley Do-Right and Showtime drama The Affair, but Fraser has been, too candid about his personal struggles that kept him under the radar in Hollywood for a few years.

In 2018, Fraser explained that he had to undergo a series of surgeries after performing stunts in many of his blockbusters. “I think I probably tried too hard, in a destructive way,” he told GQ for an article titled “What Ever Happened To Brendan Fraser?” : The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” was particularly struggling, admitting, “I was stitched together with duct tape and ice.” His surgeries included a laminectomy to relieve the pressure on his back – which had to be performed twice alongside other back surgeries – as well as a knee replacement and work on his vocal cords.

Fast forward to 2022 and Fraser was ready for his comeback to the big screen after sharing his harrowing story of abuse and morphing into a man who weighs 600 pounds to appear on “The Whale,” per Entertainment Tonight. The film has already received enthusiastic reviews. So much so that Fraser was brought to tears during a screening.

Brendan Fraser’s tear

Grab those tissues because this one is downright adorable. Brendan Fraser broke down in tears in a viral video shared on September 4, showing the actor receiving a huge standing ovation after a screening of “The Whale” at the Venice Film Festival. The video, shared on Twitter by Variety co-editor Ramin Setoodeh, showed Fraser standing on stage with his co-stars while surrounded by applause. “The standing ovation for #TheWhale was so enthusiastic that Brendan Fraser tried to leave the theatre, but the crowd’s applause made him stay,” Setoodeh tweeted. CNN reported the ovation lasted six minutes.

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The video garnered a lot of attention, garnering more than 15 million views in the first two days of uploading, while many responded with effusive messages. “This makes my heart so happy! He just seems like the best guy. And so talented!” TV host Renee Paquette tweeted, while one fan wrote, “Brendan Fraser is making a comeback and everyone is so supportive of him this is the purest thing to ever come out of the celebrity world.”

The internet previously endorsed the actor in an adorable TikTok video in August 2021. Fraser admitted to a fan that he was quite nervous about his comeback in The Whale, to which they replied, “You did. Just know the internet is so behind you!” before gushed about the actor. He then sweetly replied, “Shucks, ma’am,” while sporting pretty glass eyes. Seriously guys. Protect Brendan Fraser at all costs.