BravoCon 2022: Whitney Rose and Heather Gay’s relationship is only getting worse

If anyone knows how to shade, it’s Whitney Rose and Heather Gay. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City duo had strong starts in television and were two of the franchise’s breakout stars. Their cheekiness and quick wit were the key components to making them fan favorites.

At the beginning of the series, Rose and Gay seemed to get along well and had some things in common. For starters, they’ve both been vocal about their emotional exit from Mormonism, seemingly bonding so much during the trip that Gay, the self-proclaimed “good Mormon gone bad,” even wrote a memoir to set it straight . per person. According to the Daily Beast, Gay even spoke of speaking her truth about the church as one of the things that made her want to be a part of the successful franchise. In addition to their previously shared beliefs, both women are also entrepreneurs. Gay is the founder of surgical enhancement chain Beauty Lab + Laser, while Rose owns a skin care line called Wild Rose Beauty. After all, the two are related.

It seemed that they both had a lot in common and would hit it off in the long run. However, that has changed and the couple’s relationship could be irreparable. According to a reporter from The List, the duo proved they weren’t interested in repairing their friendship (or lack thereof) at BravoCon 2022.

Heather Gay and Whitney Rose got physical

Whitney Rose and Heather Gay’s feud took center stage during the “RHOSLC” panel at BravoCon 2022. Host Karamo Brown asked the ladies some questions about the rumors about their friendship ending. Things may have taken a turn for the worse, however, as the Season 3 trailer not only showed verbal arguments, but also Gay pushing Rose.

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“That moment changed everything forever,” Rose told E! News in October. “It’s hard. That was a hard crack for me to swallow.” While Rose and Gay have been at odds for a while, it’s obvious their feud continues to grow. Despite their previous conflict, Rose said she and Gay made amends during filming of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Thailand in July — or so she thought. During the panel, Rose Gay asked, “Did you lie about it just to have a moment?” Possibly referring to a conversation he had while filming in Thailand. “Why did you say we crushed it, we did [a] beautiful moment…I don’t get it.”

Rose appeared to be trying to clear the air and mend their relationship, but Gay had other plans. Gay replied, “We’re no good.” She then asked, “Why should we be good? You left me as a friend.” Despite their best efforts, their relationship may be irreparable. Gay continued, “I felt like you were trying to create drama where there was absolutely none.” Rose repeated herself, saying, “I thought we were good until I came to BravoCon.”