BravoCon 2022: Shereé Whitfield has the last word on her controversial ex-boyfriend

Shereé Whitfield has just offered information about what happened to her controversial ex-boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliams.

The ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star previously became involved with Gilliams, who she dated for years while he was in prison. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2013 after being caught stealing more than $5 million from investors, according to Reuters. They split when he was incarcerated but eventually got back together in 2016, Page Six notes. At the time, Whitfield said it was “cute and romantic” to meet someone behind bars because they communicate mostly through “love letters.” She added: “For me, the positive thing about dating an incarcerated man is that I really feel like I got to know him on a deeper level. Often relationships are built on physicality and often they don’t work. “

But when Gilliams was finally released from prison, he was reportedly not there for Whitfield at all. One “RHOA” episode even showed him ghosting her on a date when they were about to get back together. “He’s an idiot!” Her co-star Marlo Hampton told the outlet. “Who does that? I was so angry. After that I was done. As he straightened her up, I was like, ‘Oh no, forget him. Don’t forget who the hell you are.’”

And it looks like Whitfield has moved away from Gilliams as she already has someone new in her life.

Shereé is no longer in contact with Tyrone

Shereé Whitfield has finally put everything related to Tyrone Gilliams in her past behind her.

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According to a reporter from The List who attended BravoCon 2022, Whitfield revealed that she hasn’t been in contact with her ex since they last saw each other. In addition, she shared that she is already happily dating someone else. “I have fun, I enjoy life and I date,” she said. As the host pressed whether viewers would see her new alleged boyfriend Martell Holt on the show, she teased that he would be part of the new season the cast is currently filming. “That’s a good possibility,” she mused.

It’s nice to know that Whitfield has finally realized her worth. In a past episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she said the ghost incident made many things clear to her. “It made me reevaluate, like, what are you doing? How can you let someone treat you like that?” the star said on the show. “It kind of opened my eyes and, you know, I started to get back into myself.” And while she admitted Holt wasn’t her type, it looks like they hit it off. “Looking at the show, he’s someone I never thought I’d want to talk to, definitely not a date,” she said of the RHOA reunion. “But getting to know him is like a completely different person, I promise you.”