BravoCon 2022: Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green’s messy split comes to a heartbreaking conclusion

Unlike Las Vegas, what happens at BravoCon 2022 does NOT stay there.

After the explosive reunion on Season 8 of Southern Charm that saw tensions between exes Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Greene escalate, all eyes were on the former couple when they reunited in the Big Apple to to take part in the eagerly awaited fan event. “The situation with Taylor and him is, as she said, there is so much love between them. In a way, I feel like the kid in the divorce,” cast newcomer and Rose’s cousin Marcie Hobbs said of the challenging situation, per People. “We love them individually and we love them together. At the end of the day, they have to find their way. And we just have to sit back and watch because we love them so much and want what’s best for them.”

Alas, the Southern Charmers and former lovebirds’ “roads” finally seem to have come to a heartbreaking end…

Shep Rose will always love Taylor Ann Green

Times have changed…don’t you know? You do not know?!

BravoCon 2022’s Southern Charm panel, featuring cast members Shep Rose, Taylor Ann Green, Patricia Altschul, Kathryn Dennis, Madison LeCroy, Craig Conover, Venita Aspen, Olivia Flowers and Marcie Hobbs, proved eventful to say the least. According to a reporter from The List, Taylor Ann Green took the opportunity to make up for her behavior towards her ex-boyfriend at the reunion. “I apologize for jumping in your throat,” she said to Rose. However, Rose insisted that an apology was not necessary. “She never has to apologize to me. I have her back. I love her for eternity.”

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Unfortunately, this kind of love seems different than the romantic love the couple once shared. Meanwhile, acting matriarch of reality TV series Patricia Altschul gave viewers (and maybe on stage) some wise old advice: “When men tell you who they are, believe them. Men don’t change,” she warned. “Shep has never misrepresented herself,” she claimed.

Alexa, play Dolly Parton’s I’ll Always Love You.