BravoCon 2022: Patricia Altschul makes an emotional request on behalf of Michael The Butler

Michael Kelcourse has been a popular fixture on Southern Charm since Season 1. The butler worked for Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul, running her household with skill and grace. Kelcourse had a knack for knowing exactly what Altschul and her guests needed and was known for his carefully prepared bourbon sours in a frothy glass, served with a slice of orange and a chinoiserie straw, per decider.

During the fifth season of Southern Charm, Altschul lent Kelcourse to a pregnant Cameron Eubanks for the day. He graciously helped her around the house and even gave her a foot massage (via Bravo). His unassuming, easy-going demeanor endeared him to both Southern Charm fans and cast members. When Altschul’s son Whitney Sudler-Smith revealed via The Daily Dish that Kelcourse had suffered a stroke in February 2021, fans were devastated. Subtle-Smith explained that the stroke caused “significant nerve damage and impairment,” but doctors at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center were working on it.

In March, Altschul announced on Instagram that Kelcourse was later sent to a Florida facility to recover and undergo physical therapy. Sharing the facility’s address, Altschul wrote, “I know some of you would like to communicate with Michael, so here’s his new address…he might even appreciate a visit.” Now, months later, Altschul has one further inquiry for “Southern Charm” fans.

Patricia Altschul asks the fans to send Michael a message

During BravoCon 2022 in New York City, Patricia Altschul shared an update on Michael Kelcourse. According to a reporter from The List, the Southern Charm star told fans Kelcourse has been paralyzed from the chest down since suffering a stroke over a year ago. Altschul explained that since strokes in the brain are much more common, strokes in the spine affect only 1% of people.

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Altschul confirmed that Kelcourse still resides at Shepherd Center in Florida, close to many of his family members, and that he has been rehabilitated to the point where he can now drive a van. She spoke highly of his “wonderful attitude,” sharing, “He loves ‘Southern Charm,’ loves the fans.” Altschul then thanked the BravoCon attendee for asking about Kelcourse and urged fans to message him on Instagram send. “That would be really nice,” she said.

In June, Kelcourse shared a picture of a gift sent to him by a fan on his Instagram feed. “Friday I received this beautiful card and book from a fan of southern charm,” he captioned. Many wrote how much they missed him on the show and hoped he was okay. A fan asked: “What would you need or like Michael?” He only replied: “Ms. Altschul provided me with everything I need.” Kelcourse’s relationship with his employer is a special one and shows how much he is valued by those around him.