BravoCon 2022: Married To Medicine’s Anila Sajja faces a reluctant audience

BravoCon 2022 brought out the best – and worst – of some of Bravo’s biggest stars, and that appears to have been the case with Anila Sajja of the network’s Married to Medicine series. Unfortunately, it sounds like it wasn’t just the TV stars that sparked some controversy: it was actually the audience of one of the convention’s panels that might have gotten a little out of hand.

Sajja, who joined Married to Medicine in Season 8, has dealt with some of the difficulties of her own castmates, telling The List of her casting: “There was definitely a challenge of making my voice heard – people who are on my opinions and things sounded so. It was definitely challenging at first.” Sajja revealed on Instagram that her home was broken into in December 2021, and later blamed co-star Toya Bush-Harris for the break-in, which Bush-Harris has denied (via ET). Of course, fans don’t forget, and emotions ran high during BravoCon 2022.

Spectators booed Anila Sajja

According to a reporter from The List, it was the incident surrounding the burglary at Anila Sajja’s home that wowed audiences. When the moderator of the Paging All Married to Medicine Fans panel asked panelists what moments they weren’t proud of from Season 9, Sajja said of Toya Bush-Harris, who was also a panelist, “I wasn’t proud of what people think that I accused Toya of robbing my house… I never blamed you… I was grasping at straws.”

After colleague Quad Webb shot back at Sajja, saying she would “tell anyone with a pair of ears that.” [she] thought Toya had something to do with it,” Sajja attempted an apology, but continued to justify her belief that Bush-Harris was involved in the home break-in. In a previous interview with Page Six, Sajja denied that the break-in was staged and also apologized then credited himself with bringing Bush-Harris into the matter.

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When Bush-Harris asked Sajja for an apology during the BravoCon panel, the audience began booing Sajja every time she spoke. It’s unclear if Sajja later apologized, but the audience certainly made it clear where they stood.