BravoCon 2022: Kathryn Dennis names the Winter House star who has promised to slip into her DMs

The phrase “southern charm” used to conjure up images of ladies sitting on swings while sipping mint juleps on porches. However, reality TV soon changed that. Now “Southern Charm” is synonymous with scandalous relationship drama, fights and feuds, albeit in a halfway sane Southern way. A similar thing happened with “Summer House,” which helped transform the image of New York’s quiet and elegant Hamptons neighborhood.

In 2021, Bravo combined the reality hits into “Winter House.” The show pairs select cast members with some new faces at a luxury lodge in Stowe, Vermont as they party, hop on the bed, fight, argue, get together — and occasionally go skiing. According to a fan, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and a new cast member have been working hard to get together. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. The Winter House newcomer has helped ease Dennis’ grief. Us Weekly reports that Dennis and her co-star Chleb Ravenell’s split in 2021 got very messy and left them in shambles.

Meanwhile, according to Bravo, Dennis’ “Winter House” Lothario has apparently sworn off all women while clenching his head after a failed “whirlwind romance.” Bravo also revealed that Craig Conover, Dennis’ other ex and Southern Charm co-star, will also be living in the luxury lodge, as will his long-distance Summer House girlfriend Paige DeSorbo. Dennis teased the inevitable upcoming drama at BravoCon 2022 by naming the “Winter House” star, who promised to slip into her DMs.

Jason Cameron slides in DMs, not ski slopes

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Season 2 of Winter House already promises to be chaotic and dramatic. Bravo released the cast details, and with two exes and their new love interests living under the same roof, what could possibly go wrong? Southern Charm star Craig Conover is now dating Summer House star Paige DeSoto. Still, their long-distance relationship is beginning to take its toll. Meanwhile, Conover’s fellow reality star Kathryn Dennis is making herself comfortable on the slopes at the new stud farm.

According to a reporter from The List who attended the Southern Charmers panel at BravoCon 2022, the Charleston beauty seemed “thrilled” about her potential new love interest. Still, Dennis managed to remain shy. Dennis played cool when a fan said they saw her at the After Dark Party like she’s getting hot and heavy. They claimed that the show’s new cast member Jason Cameron was the lucky man in question. The Southern Charm star refused to spill the iced tea, but she poured a small glass.

“[Jason] was very nice and told me he was going to slide into my DMs,” she told the audience. Some (such as Dennis’ ex) might recommend that Cameron spend more time sliding down the ski slopes than in Dennis’ DMs, but Conover has his own problems.Meanwhile, his colleague Austen Kroll also noticed sparks were flying between Dennis and Cameron and wondered if they would end up together.