BravoCon 2022: Behind-the-scenes secrets about Christian Siriano are revealed

As the curtain came down on the long-running fashion design competition series Project Runway, a panel at BravoCon 2022 revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets about Season 4 winner Christian Siriano. Aside from building his career as a fashion designer, Siriano replaced judge Tim Gunn on the series in 2019, according to Vulture. He also moderated the “Project Runway of Their World” panel at BravoCon alongside judge Elaine Welteroth, which made these comments about him – and not the many other panelists from the series – that much more entertaining (and possibly a little awkward).

According to a reporter from The List, Siriano isn’t necessarily the same person viewers see on TV when the cameras aren’t rolling. Admittedly, with his numerous quirky catchphrases recorded by from his time in Season 4 — including some words like “vacay” that have entered wider slang since that time — it’s admittedly hard to imagine that Siriano would fall back on a other ways might come across way in real life.

As a former Project Runway contestant, Siriano undoubtedly knows more about the show than most people. He’s in the unique position of having seen both sides of the competition, and based on his response to a question during the BravoCon panel, that seems to have carried over into his involvement with the show since his win. In fact, Welteroth, Siriano’s co-host, was more than happy to elaborate on what Project Runway fans don’t get to see when it comes to Siriano.

Christian Siriano can be bossy

According to a reporter from The List who was present during the panel, when asked how realistic the challenges on “Project Runway” were, Christian Siriano explained that he regularly works with the producers to bring relevant pop culture elements to the development of the challenges the participants of the show. Not everyone seems to view Siriano’s input in the same way, however, as Elaine Welteroth went on to chime in: “If you think he’s naughty on camera, you should see him off camera…His favorite thing is bossing everyone, all producers, nearby.”

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It’s clear that Siriano is detail-oriented, as he discussed in an interview with Guest of a Guest in reference to a collection he designed for shoe store Payless in 2011. Explaining how he went from high fashion to designing a more affordable collection for the retailer, he said: “It’s quite amazing, they really respond to showing me the steps because, quite honestly, I can do something out of nothing create, so it’s easier for me to design something when I see it between processes than to see it before and after. I really need to see the whole process. And that’s how you really find design details. If you’re like, ‘Oh, I need to change that buckle,’ or ‘It needs a little more curvature, or a little bit more of a sharp edge.’ They’re important.”

Thankfully, it sounds like Siriano’s eye for detail didn’t spoil his Project Runway performance.

Christian Siriano remembered his start at Project Runway

Going back to the pre-Season 4 casting process during the BravoCon 2022 panel, Christian Siriano admitted he hadn’t seen “Project Runway” before auditioning for it. “I hadn’t seen ‘Project Runway’ before… when I auditioned I remember we just had to go and show our clothes… I think the best designer… (is) any designer who goes along like nothing to lose .”

At the time he participated in “Project Runway,” Siriano was only 22, making him the series’ youngest winner, according to People. A graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts, Siriano explained in an interview with his alma mater that he was able to create his own program in fashion design, although it wasn’t offered as part of the school’s curriculum. At one point during the interview, he shared more about his personality, stating, “I’m not shy. I ask a lot of questions. You have to be overly curious and overly interested before you’re annoying.”

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There’s no doubt that Siriano’s past feelings sound very similar to what he said (and what was said about him) at BravoCon 2022. While his approach might not be everyone’s style, his perseverance has clearly paid off for him when it comes to his professional life as he has continued to make waves in the fashion industry despite intense competition.