Body language expert reveals King Charles’ hidden message about Meghan and Harry – Exclusive

King Charles III delivered his first speech after the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the world watched. The new king’s speech was poignant and powerful. Charles began his speech by saying, “It is with feelings of deep sadness that I speak to you today. Throughout her life, Her Majesty the Queen – my beloved mother – has been an inspiration and example to me and all my family and we owe her the deepest debt any family can owe to their mother for her love, affection, guidance , their understanding and their example.” The speech balanced Charles’ role as king with his role as Elizabeth’s son.

Journalist Rebecca English tweeted that the speech was “exquisitely worded and so beautifully constructed.” Some of the new king’s subjects were emotional during the speech. One Twitter user tweeted: “Away again. Prince Charles’ speech blew me to pieces.” Across the pond, Americans thought the speech was a royal hit. American journalist David Rothkopf tweeted: “I’m just a guy dating [New] Jersey, but to my ears and mind, King Charles’s speech was moving and touched on the issues that needed to be addressed.

Even Americans who aren’t fans of Charles enjoyed the speech. One non-fan tweeted, “This American who really doesn’t care for Charles thought he was absolutely adorable and adorable.” Netizens aside, a body language expert spoke exclusively to Nicki Swift, opening up on Charles’ body language during the speech — the may have contained a hidden message about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Body language expert says King Charles sent an ‘inclusive’ message to Harry and Meghan

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Jess Ponce III, body language expert, communications coach and author of AWESOME, spoke exclusively with Nicki Swift about the message King Charles’ speech sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Ponce told Nicki Swift that King Charles “expressed his love for both of them in a very inclusive way. The body language specialist also said that Charles’s words about Meghan and Harry had “the same appropriate tone as the rest of his speech” and that he “later closed his eyes briefly as if to button or close the subject”.

But Ponce said Charles approached the couple for two reasons. First, it “reinforced his position of inclusivity, as if he was trying to subtly say that we’re all family.” The author noted that the mention of Harry and Meghan “preemptively told the press and other viewers that this was the case [Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the family] shouldn’t be an issue or focus.”

It’s a good strategy to encourage family unity as the new king faces a challenge with his sons’ feud. In a September 7 column from Yahoo! Royal Editor Omid Scobie, the British journalist dropped a bombshell. A source told Scobie: “William has pushed a lot of boundaries.

Jess Ponce III said King Charles wanted people to honor Queen Elizabeth and her legacy

Body language expert Jess Ponce III told Nicki Swift that King Charles wanted people to honor Queen Elizabeth II in his speech. Ponce said: “He was framed in a close-up that was front-on with the background blown out. The recording did not include his hands. The intentional focus was on his facial expressions and words.” The body language expert and author noted that the new king realized that all eyes were on him and were looking at his actions in a new way. Ponce said: “He showed himself to be remarkable – strong yet approachable. He had a softness in his eyes and a kindhearted tone. His cadence was warm, sincere, and appropriate. He was regal and reassuring.” The body language expert noted that it’s not easy “to address the public so quickly after the death of a loved one, let alone someone who’s looking at them from all over the world.”

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Reactions to the king’s speech from social media and TV pundits seemed positive, and it seems the new monarch’s subjects welcomed him. Extra TV tweeted that the new King and his wife Camilla were outside Buckingham Palace on September 9 watching the Queen’s tributes and greeting the mourners. But King Charles has a surprise! ITV News shared a video that read “King Charles [receiving] a kiss from a member of the crowd at Buckingham Palace ‘while also'[greeting] countless citizens stood behind a barrier and thanked them for the good wishes.”