Body Language Expert Pinpoints Moments Of True Tension Between View Co-Hosts – Exclusive

We’re used to seeing the co-hosts of The View arguing with each other. It’s the whole trick of the show, so to speak — take a bunch of women with different points of view and have them discuss the day’s biggest news. However, it leads a person to wonder how much of the conflict is just about the issue at hand and how much of it reveals genuine personal tensions between the hosts.

Nicki Swift asked Jess Ponce III, body language expert, communication coach and author of AWESOME, if he could pinpoint moments in women’s body language that indicate how the speakers actually related to each other. Sometimes it’s obvious — like Joy Behar and Meghan McCain’s barely restrained animosity towards one another — but not always.

Ponce exclusively tells Nicki Swift that he finds The View hosts more interested in proving each other wrong these days than open dialogue. “The best way to experience this as a viewer is to simply turn down the volume and witness the panel’s non-verbal interactions,” he explains. “The way the co-hosts face each other is very revealing.”

View’s hosts don’t get along

While The View table is arranged so that all of the co-hosts are physically on the same side, Jess Ponce III tells Nicki Swift that the hosts themselves often “align their bodies in opposite positions to each other” to do this do demonstrate the gap between them. For example, Ponce describes a moment when Joy Behar “screamed at” co-host Sara Haines, as she did when the two were discussing far-right political candidates. “In response to this particular verbal prostration, Sara’s hands are clasped with her eyes wide open and a look of shock,” says Ponce. “Then Sara’s hands open, but she looks into the distance as if to collect her thoughts. While Joy looks ahead with cards in her hands. Joy doesn’t move.” He explains that as a viewer, body language alone tells the “essence” of the conflict.

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“In another instance, there is a heated debate between Whoopi [Goldberg] and Joy,” notes Ponce. “As Whoopi waits for Joy to finish because she can’t get a word out, she rolls her eyes and looks at the audience. This is clearly one of the most derogatory acts you can witness.”

Ponce tells Nicki Swift these moments of body language suggest the co-hosts of “The View” aren’t playing nicely. We wonder if new signings Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro will be able to change the dynamic.