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Bhool Bhulaiyaa Full Movie Download MP4moviez:

Plot: The ancestral home of the old Varanasi royal family, headed by Badrinarayan “Badri” Chaturvedi, is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Manjulika, a Bengali classical dancer. From the United States, Badri’s older brother’s son Siddharth and his archaeologist wife Avni arrive to the palace. Radha, Siddharth’s childhood sweetheart and Badri’s adoptive daughter, is devastated by this union.

Avni is intrigued by the Manjulika mythology. Raja Vibhuti Narayan, the progenitor of the Chaturvedis, had a crush on Manjulika, a dancer who performed in his court. Shashidhar, another court dancer, was adored by Manjulika. The monarch, who had learnt of their relationship, publicly beheads Shashidhar on the eve of Durgashtami and imprisons Manjulika. Manjulika hangs herself while pledging retribution. When Raja Vibhuti Narayan unexpectedly passes away, the palace is said to be haunted. The ghosts of Manjulika and Shashidhar are imprisoned by priests in a chamber on the palace’s third level. When Avni enters that chamber, strange things begin to happen once more. There is a rumor that Manjulika’s ghost has been let loose.

Siddharth, who disbelieves in superstitions, believes Radha is responsible for the weird events since she has grown mentally unstable as a result of her breakup. To heal Radha, he enlists the help of his friend, the psychiatrist Aditya Shrivastava. Aditya’s unorthodox personality makes the family view him as an idiot. He converses with Manjulika from behind the door after hearing a ghungroo and a voice singing a Bengali song from a third-floor room one evening. On the next Durgashtami, the voice swears vengeance.

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When Siddharth’s cousin gets engaged to the poet Sharad Pradhan, it is discovered that Avni suffers from dissociative identity disorder and identifies with Manjulika. After she exuded a bit too much excitement in Manjulika’s room, Aditya started to mistrust her and went to Avni’s village to learn more about her. She compares Sharad and Siddharth to Shashidhar and King Vibhuti Narayan, respectively, because Sharad currently dwells in Shashidhar’s former home. Siddharth accepts Aditya after seeing Avni change into Manjulika firsthand. Aditya adds that although DID is a lifetime affliction, if they fulfill Manjulika’s motivation for existing—killing Raja Vibhuti Narayan—Avni could be healed.

On Durgashtami, everyone witnesses Avni assuming Manjulika’s persona, dressing like her, and dancing to their duet. Avni, who believes Siddharth to be Vibhuti Narayan, attempts to murder him. Manjulika makes a vow to Aditya that she will go if she has the chance to assassinate the king. He outlines a complex scheme to deceive Manjulika into believing she is murdering Siddharth (the Raja) when she is actually killing a fake. Avni is healed following the planned killing, believing Manjulika has exacted her vengeance, and the ghost is shown as a hoax.

Aditya has now won the family’s approval, and they are grateful for his assistance. Radha grins as Aditya informs her that if she is interested in getting married, he will bring his parents over with a proposal.