Beyonce fans are raving about the cover art of her new album Renaissance.

BEYONCE! BEYONCE! Sit down? Because Beyoncé just released a sneak peek of her upcoming seventh studio album, Renaissance. The Queen Bey surprisingly released the project’s first single, “Break My Soul,” on June 20, and fans have been repeating that song in anticipation of more album news. So far the track has promised the bey-hive a glimpse of what to expect from “Renaissance”. The song has been dubbed an “anti-capitalist anthem” that allegedly inspires people to quit their jobs, according to The Wall Street Journal.

While the album may not be just about encouraging you to hand in your two-week notice, “Break My Soul’s” club-ready beat and throwback to house music suggest that “Renaissance” has it all for the rest of 2022 full of dance anthems However, we know Beyoncé, and I’m sure she’ll surprise us with plenty of cross-genre hits, too. So what will this project be the “Renaissance”, aka “Rebirth” of? Disco? Beyoncé herself?!

We’ll still have to wait for some of those answers, but Beyoncé’s latest post certainly revealed new information for fans to froze ahead of the official release of “Renaissance.”

Renaissance’s cover features regal-looking Beyonce on her steed

Beyoncé sits atop a chrome-plated horse designed to look like diamond mail and wears a see-through ensemble with strategically placed silver body chains. “Creating this album has given me a place to dream and escape at a scary time for the world,” Beyoncé captioned her Instagram post. “It allowed me to feel free and adventurous at a time when otherwise little was happening. My intention was to create a safe place, a place without judgement… I hope you find joy in this music.” Closing the caption with a faint reference to “Break My Soul,” she wrote, “I hope it inspires you to let go of the wobble. Ha! And to feel unique, strong and sexy just the way you are.”

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And it looks like fans are obsessed with this cover artwork. “OKAY QUEEN OF THE WORLD,” commented one Bey-hive member. “Bb, we needed a warning!!!” added another. “This is how you almost passed me out in that nail salon,” said another fan. And if you scroll through, the rest of the comments section is littered with fire and bee emojis.

Many are also comparing the imagery on the “Renaissance” album cover to the iconic photo of Bianca Jagger riding a white horse at Studio 54. Since Beyoncé also said in her post that “Renaissance Act 1” will be released on July 29, it is possible that act 1 will be disco inspired and other acts could be released later. We’re certainly grateful that Beyoncé graced us with this album cover—even if it raises more questions than answers!