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Bewakoofiyaan Full Movie Download MP4moviez:

Mohit Chadha, played by Ayushmann Khurrana, is given the title of Senior Executive in Marketing after being elevated from the position of Junior Executive. After receiving the promotion, he proposes to his girlfriend Mayera (played by Sonam Kapoor) as they are out to lunch together. During this time, Mayera’s father, V.K. Sehgal, portrayed by Rishi Kapoor, works for the government and is very close to retiring.

V.K. Sehgal is opposed to the two of them getting married because he believes that Mohit would not be able to make her happy or provide for her in the long run. V.K. goes to Mohit’s workplace and issues a challenge to him, telling him that he would be able to marry Mayera only once he has successfully completed a test. Mohit is invited to play squash at the club each and every day by him. Soon, V.K. will step down from his position in the Office.

Mohit’s employer has decided to let him go. V.K. seeks to find out whether or not Mohit has been fired from his job. Mohit, Mayera, and his buddy all act as though Mohit is still employed at his previous place of employment. Mohit offers V.K. a suggestion for post-retirement employment, which V.K. finds extremely appealing, and V.K. shows Mohit the results of his investigations into illegal activity. Mohit is on a mission to get a new job, so he goes on a hiring spree. After V.K.’s retirement, he looks for new employment opportunities. Mayera is opposed to the idea. In defiance of Mayera’s wishes, V.K. coerces Mohit into providing him with covert assistance in his job search. Mohit is getting calls from all around asking him to repay money; he contacts Mayera, and she gives him 50,000.

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The next day, Mohit would seek Mayera for money in order to pay for his flat. They get into an argument because she is not in possession of it. After Mohit sells his automobile and gives Mayera her money back, the two of them decide to end their relationship.

On the same day, V.K. phones Mohit and Mayera to tell them he received an interview call and engagement rings; Mohit then discloses to V.K. that he is now unemployed. Mohit moves out of his apartment, moves into a smaller space that he rents, and starts working at a cafe. In the meantime, Mayera decides to accept a move to Dubai. She discusses her intention to uproot her life and relocate to Dubai with her father. When she gets back, she gives her dad a tour of the new apartment they moved into together and then pulls out their passports.

He walks to the office that Mohit previously occupied and inquires about Imi’s whereabouts. Imi introduces him to the manager of the vehicle garage, who then leads the two of them to the café. V.K. goes to the cafe and places an inexpensive order for lunch. Mohit gets informed by V.K. that Mayera is going to be in Dubai. When they got back to the house, their maid, Radha, began to cry. Mohit walks to their house and yells out for Mayera. V.K. gives him a lecture, and Mohit tells V.K. that he is acting like an uncool person.

Mayera informs her dad that enough is enough, and Mohit is a silver medalist in squash at the National Level for players under the age of 16, yet he still keeps losing to V.K. She explains to him that she does not enjoy going shopping on her own since there is nobody else to compliment her on how “Very Hot, Khaa Jau Tere Ko” she is wearing. V.K. dresses for the interview in a suit that has four pockets in order to prepare for it. After that, he changes his clothing and travels to Mohit’s residence in order to retrieve a tie. The pair then heads to the coffee shop, where V.K. makes his official debut as the new head of the organization.

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