Besides acting, Maya Hawke has another passion

She may only have been in the business for a few years, but Maya Hawke is already making waves in Hollywood. The daughter of icons Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Maya made herself popular with audiences when she played a quirky newcomer in the third season of Stranger Things. Maya has seemingly followed her parents into the spotlight, despite being cautious about their daughter’s career choices.

For example, in a 2022 interview with Access, Thurman expressed concern for her daughter. She told the outlet: “It’s a complicated career. One that is so often in the public eye. And she’s a sensitive person.” However, Thurman also noted that her daughter was an incredibly creative person who needed an outlet like acting. Like Maya, Glamor in 2021 told Glamor that she doesn’t want to lock herself in and loves the freedom to express herself. “I want to be as versatile and experimental as possible and continue to work on my craft, even if it has to be in the public eye now.”

Of course, acting isn’t the only way Maya expresses herself; She is also a musician and has even produced an album.

Maya Hawke loves songwriting

While Maya Hawke isn’t producing music for her biggest project, Stranger Things, she has been working on her own collection of songs outside of her passion for acting. In 2019, she gave her first public performance at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall, per WWD. In 2020 she released her first album “Blush” via pitch fork.

In an interview with WWD, Maya described overcoming fears when it comes to being a musician. She revealed that she is more nervous about this aspect of her life than being in front of the camera and acting. She told the outlet, “I’m not trying to say I’m a great musician or anything – I’m not. But I love music and I love lyrics and songwriting…People don’t care that much about poetry these days, but lyrics are a way of presenting poetry to the world where they know how to take it in and absorb it.”

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For help with her craft, Maya turned to her musician father, Ethan Hawke. In fact, father and daughter teamed up to record a music video of Maya’s song “Coverage” in their family’s barn. In an Instagram post shared by Ethan, he admitted he couldn’t be prouder of her, writing, “Maya passed every take with flying colors.”

Maya Hawke reveals the inspiration behind her music

As a celebrity, Maya Hawke recognizes that she is in a unique position to pursue her passions to the fullest. But even so, Hawke told Metro she needs to use her time wisely to juggle her interests. “In an actor’s life, time isn’t the issue, the issue is how to properly manage your time to best serve yourself,” she told the outlet.

When it comes to her music, Hawke draws much inspiration from her own life and experiences, particularly transitioning into adulthood. But she also drew creatively from her childhood struggles with dyslexia. According to the Mayo Clinic, dyslexia is a learning disorder that can make reading difficult. In an interview with NPR, Hawke called the condition a “great blessing.”

“But the wonderful thing about the world today is that there are so many possibilities,” Hawke said. “It has something to do with the fact that I was limited in my ability to produce and record stories, which made me even more determined to love her… But my parents did a wonderful job of encouraging me to be creative.” to be.”