Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding favor revealed in mix-up

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may have started their wedding celebration with a private ceremony, but now they seem to be letting everyone join in, including some strangers.

As TMZ reported, the couple first married at a private ceremony in Las Vegas. The outlet captured the sweet message that Lopez posted on their website after the event. She wrote, “Last night we flew into Vegas, queued for a license with four other couples and all made the same trip to the wedding capital of the world.”

Bennifer’s journey to the altar was long-awaited. People opened up about their tumultuous relationship timeline, with their originally planned 2003 wedding being canceled just days before the ceremony. It was hard not to feel a little deprived by the fact that their postponed wedding was so secretive, but they made up for it with a glamorous celebration in Georgia. Lute! the couple planned the weekend-long event for their closest friends and family, but it seems like some of the celebrations have reached some lucky misfits.

A hotel guest was mistakenly sent Bennifer wedding gifts

Fans have been anticipating a Bennifer wedding together for nearly two decades, so it’s no wonder the public has been so desperate for details about the event. Page Six learned that Jennifer Lopez would use the aisle as a catwalk for a custom-made Ralph Lauren gown. persons reported that the festivities would begin before the ceremony as a pre-wedding party was planned. However, it was a humble stranger to the couple who was able to treat Bennifer’s guests to wedding gifts.

Pop culture Instagram account, @deuxmoi, took to their story to share a picture they received via DMs. “I’m staying at a hotel in Savannah this weekend and we have Jen and Ben choccy,” her anonymous source wrote. Attached was a picture of luxurious personalized chocolates and a note from the couple who appeared to have sent the gift to the wrong room. “Thank you so much for making our wedding weekend celebrations so special,” it said. “Sweet dreams, J&B.”

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The chocolates appear to be from Kreuther, a high-end confectionery based in New York City. A description accompanying the gift referred to the included flavors – with luxe names like “Tahitian Vanilla”, “Raspberry Hibiscus”, “Kumaru” and “Vietnamese Coffee”. The latter seems like a betrayal of Ben Affleck’s longtime love of Dunkin’ Donuts, but we won’t reveal it.