Bates Motel Full Movie Sub Indo (Latest News)

Bates Motel Full Movie Sub Indo:

Plot: Because Norman Bates was never let out of the psychiatric hospital to allow the events of Psycho II and III, Bates Motel denies their existence (and would later be disregarded by Psycho IV). A young man named Alex West (Bud Cort) was sent to an institution nearly twenty years ago after he killed his violent stepfather. At the asylum, he grew close to Norman Bates (Kurt Paul). After Norman passes away, Alex finds out that he is the new owner of the Bates Motel.

Alex struggles to re-open the motel for business after arriving in Norman’s California hometown, which was renamed Fairville for this movie but was known as Fairvale in the original. Willie, a teenage runaway, played by Lori Petty, and Henry Watson, a handyman in the area, played by Moses Gunn, provide some assistance.

Alex receives funding to refurbish the hotel, but the venture is hampered by claims that Mrs. Bates, Norman’s mother, is haunting the location and that her and her late husband’s ashes are interred on the property. The sheriff said that Mrs. Bates’ body “was never located” after retrieving her remains, which appears to be at odds with the events of the original Psycho, when Mrs. Bates’ body is discovered in the basement where Sam Loomis ultimately manages to apprehend Norman.

The theory that the property is haunted is supported by Alex’s sightings of Mrs. Bates in her bedroom window and the body of her deceased husband from the same window while refurbishing the hotel. Willie grows suspicious after Alex informs him that his $10,000 first loan payment is due the day the hotel opens, and with Henry’s assistance, he admits that the haunting was a joke and the ghost was Tom Fuller, the bank manager (Gregg Henry). Alex and Fuller had agreed to a loan with unfair terms, and Fuller was now attempting to ruin the hotel by driving Alex out. Then, Tom is compelled to assist Alex and the others by negotiating more agreeable loan terms, or else risk going to jail for fraud. The renovations to the hotel will shortly be complete.

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As Barbara Peters (Kerrie Keane) takes a room at Alex’s hotel for the night and plans to commit herself since she is getting older and has gone through three divorces without children, it becomes apparent that not all ghost stories are fabrications. While at an after-prom party at the hotel with her adolescent pals, including Tony Scotti (Jason Bateman), Sally (Khrystyne Haje), begs Barbara to dance, Barbara feels awkward hanging out with young children. It is subsequently revealed that Tony, other young people who also committed suicide, and the adolescent girl who committed herself 25 years earlier are all ghosts, as is Barbara, whose actual name is also Sally. She informs “Barbara” that her life is worthwhile, after which she and the others depart. The next day, “Barbara” checks out of the hotel with the intention of living life to the fullest.

Alex turns to the audience and says: “Come on by if you ever need a room. I can’t guarantee what you’ll discover, but that is what keeps the world turning “.

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