Bam Margera’s rehab journey takes another left turn

Bam Margera, best known for his role on the MTV show Jackass, has been on quite the rehab journey lately. The reality star was recently sent to rehab by court order, according to CBS News, so was never able to leave the facility without permission. However, Margera reportedly fled his rehabilitation center in Delray Beach, Fla., in mid-June in a black Honda sedan. The police immediately began searching for him as he was never allowed to leave the facility. According to The Palm Beach Post, he was found by authorities in a hotel bar just days later and then sent back to rehab.

Margera was fired from “Jackass” last year after testing positive for Adderall and violating a “wellness agreement” he signed with the producers, according to NBC News. The reality star then sued the franchise, claiming that the show caused him to become addicted to drugs. According to The Blast, Margera claimed, “I didn’t have any issues with addiction and drug use until I started my involvement … with the Jackass franchise.” required to meet the defendants’ production schedule.” He also mentioned that he had to take painkillers due to the pain caused by the stunts performed on the show.

And although he only returned to rehab two weeks ago to finish his time at the facility, his rehab journey has taken another wild turn.

Bam Margera escaped from rehab…again

Bam Margera fled rehab two weeks ago over alleged dissatisfaction with the facility, but was found by authorities and sent back to the Florida center. However, TMZ reported that the former “Jackass” star fled the facility for a second time this month and was last seen in Deerfield Beach, Fla., on June 25.

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According to TMZ, Margera’s decision to leave the facility was partly due to his split from his wife, Nikki Boyd, and estrangement from his son, Phoenix Wolf. He hasn’t been able to speak to Phoenix since the couple split, and Boyd has reportedly not responded to any of Margera’s calls or texts while he was in rehab. On May 16, he celebrated a year of treatment on Instagram and continues to post regularly on social media. Margera and Boyd have been having some marital troubles for quite some time. Boyd filed for custody of their son Phoenix back in September 2021, according to TMZ.

In 2019, Margera told Dr. Phil that he was contemplating suicide, but that seeing his son ultimately stopped him from ending his life (via the Philly Voice). “I would dive on any train or anything and get stabbed or shot or whatever just to make sure he didn’t,” Margera said, per People. Authorities are looking for Margera after his second escape from rehab this month.

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