Attorney Criticizes Amber Heard’s Legal Team’s Bizarre, Fake Jury Theory – Exclusive

In June, Amber Heard learned the verdict in her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit, but her fight isn’t over yet. Despite telling Today that she didn’t “blame” the jury for the outcome, the Aquaman actor’s legal team is now shifting gears.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Heard’s team is calling for the entire sentence to be overturned. your justification? First off, they claim that Depp’s team didn’t do enough to prove he was negatively influenced by Heard’s 2018 Washington Post comment. However, one of their larger claims is that one of the jurors should not have been present. That’s because, as mentioned in TMZ’s report, Heard’s team did some research and believe that while Juror 15 was supposedly born in 1945, he may actually have been born in 1970.

Should the inconsistency turn out to be true, it would throw a huge spanner in the works for the first judgement. However, is it true? Per TMZ, Depp’s lawyers don’t think so – but given they’re on opposing sides, that’s hardly a shock. The real question is, what are the legal minds thinking outside of the process?

Amber Heard’s lawyers have ‘watched too many movies’

According to civil rights and trial attorney Christa Ramey, co-founder of Los Angeles-based civil litigation firm Ramey Law PC, a juror’s sudden age question indicates one thing: “Amber Heard’s team has been watching too many movies.”

For Ramey, this concern about the juror’s age seems unfounded given the possibility that the juror simply shares a name with someone who happens to be younger than him. Additionally, Ramey believes Heard’s team had ample time to say something during the jury’s selection. “When I interview potential judges during jury selection, I research each and every one of them,” she exclusively explains to Nicki Swift. “I google their names and look at their social media. I’m sure Heard’s attorneys did the same.” As such, Ramey continues, “If they thought this was not the actual person summoned to appear in court, they should have objected at the time of jury selection .” Ramey also notes that the Legal Department’s failure to address the issue thus far means it is no longer an issue. By failing to present it in time, “it is deemed to be overturned”.

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As for Heard’s legal team’s concerns about whether the juror “actually received a jury service subpoena” (via CBS News), Ramey dismisses the possibility that anyone could be sneaking in. In addition to the need to produce a Fairfax County jury badge (via the county website). ), “When you show up…you must present proper ID to confirm your identity.” Because of this, she reiterates, there is no reason to believe a scammer would have gained entry.

But it’s not uncommon to try to overturn a jury verdict

Christa Ramey may not believe Amber Heard’s team has any solid reason for overturning the jury verdict, but the Ramey Law PC co-founder claims her attempt was anything but unusual. In fact, she points out that “Motions to overturn a jury verdict are often … the necessary first steps to an appeal.” Unfortunately for Heard’s team, however, that jury’s verdict has “zero chance of being overturned by this judge.” For starters, Ramey explains, Judge Penney Azcarate was “the eighth juror in the courtroom.” In other words, to go against their judgment would be to go against their judgement. “Heard’s team is asking the judge to admit that she got it wrong when her decisions were well thought out.”

Ramey specifically mentions the judge’s decision not to address Johnny Depp’s previous defamation lawsuit against News Group Newspapers. As the New York Times reported, Depp ultimately lost that case. However, Ramey explains that Azcarate’s omission complied with the law — not only because that judgment was rendered under a vastly different legal system, but also because of the “doctrine of res judicata,” which “prevents resolved legal matters from being pursued by the same parties.”

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For Ramey, this whole situation is an example of Heard’s team clutching at straws. “[They] I thought the jury was on their side, but it wasn’t.” Anyhow, we’ll keep an eye on Heard’s story.