Apollo Nida criticizes ex-wife Phaedra Parks’ separation behavior on RHOA return

With names like Phaedra and Apollo, things would always turn out like a Greek tragedy for the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” couple. Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida, who first joined the Bravo reality series as expectant parents in Season 3, seemed to have fallen head over heels for each other — just check out their oddly romantic cucumber-themed maternity photoshoot. Unfortunately, eleven seasons, two sons and a bitter divorce later, there is no love between the two. While Parks enjoyed a Bravo renaissance in 2022, appearing in not one, but two “Real Housewives” series, which received positive fan response after her shock exit in 2017, Nida remains one of the few who still loves the self-proclaimed Southern belle criticized.

Not long ago, it seemed like Parks was doomed to never again grace the Real Housewives cameras. She was first banned from RHOA in 2017 after admitting to spreading harmful false allegations against co-star Kandi Burruss, who to this day refuses to film with her. When Parks was recently cast in the crossover spinoff The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club, she surprisingly became a fan favorite again. The formerly disgraced housewife soon made a guest appearance on the introductory series The Real Housewives of Dubai, fully immersing herself in the club she was once kicked out of. But despite Park’s successful image rehab, she has yet to return to her home base “RHOA” — in fact, her ex-husband Nida even got there first.

Apollo Nida Says Phaedra Parks ‘Let Me Rot’

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Given “RHOA” Queen Bee Kandi Burruss’ ultimatum over the Phaedra Parks recast, it’s still unlikely we’ll see her return to her former show any time soon. However, the same cannot be said for her ex-husband Apollo Nida. On the August 28 episode of “RHOA,” Nida made his big comeback, having last appeared in Season 7 in 2015. Despite some cast members’ feelings towards Parks, many of them have remained on friendly terms with Nida after his departure from the series and his prison sentence for cheating and resulting divorce.

Interestingly, Nida’s appearance came in the form of meeting actress Shereé Whitfield. They never had many scenes together, but now they have something in common: Whitfield’s ex-boyfriend, Tyrone, is a recently released ex-con, similar to Nida. After Whitfield asked Nida for advice, the conversation quickly shifted to his feelings towards Parks. It quickly became clear that they still don’t get along well: “When my ex left me, you know, she basically left me to die, you know? Phaedra basically left me to rot… wasn’t there. My first conviction, she wasn’t there. My self-abandonment, she wasn’t there. Basically, she didn’t allow me to see my children.

In addition to their previous relationships, Whitfield and Nida also discussed the possibility of him attending their long-awaited fashion show. Featuring other former cast cameos including Lisa Wu and Dwight Eubanks, this season of RHOA is a trip down memory lane.