Anne Heche’s behavior shortly before her car accident raises many questions

It’s been a worrying few days for actress Anne Heche since the ‘Wag the Dog’ star crashed her car multiple times in a residential neighborhood of Los Angeles. In footage released by TMZ, Heche is shown driving erratically and narrowly missing a pedestrian before crashing into another vehicle and taking off. Heche then drove her Mini Cooper straight into a nearby house and set it on fire. Although thankfully no one else was injured in either of those incidents, Heche suffered severe burns at the scene and later fell into a coma in the hospital, according to the Los Angeles Times. A rep for the “Donnie Brasco” star told the outlet Heche was in critical condition on Aug. 9 after suffering a “substantial lung injury” that required intubation as well as “surgery” for her burn injuries.

Although Heche has not been arrested or charged at this time, authorities are investigating the actor for hit and run and drink driving, according to the LA Times. The TMZ clip showed, among other things, a possible bottle of alcohol near the driver’s seat during the incident. Police also managed to obtain a blood sample from Heche for testing at the scene, according to Page Six.

A salon owner, who raised brand new questions about Heche’s condition at the time of the crash, shared with her his personal interaction just hours before the incident.

Anne Heche bought a red wig before her violent car accident

Anne Heche appeared sober and upbeat when she bought a wig just before her violent car accident on August 5. Richard Glass, who owns Glass Hair Design in Venice, California, told the Los Angeles Times that Heche entered his salon (two miles from the crash site) that morning and did not look drunk (or “did not speak in cursive,” as Glass put it). during their encounter Glass recalled Heche asking about purchasing a light blue wig. When told the blue wasn’t available, Heche went for the red, despite his warnings that it hadn’t been cut, styled, or washed.

He posted a sweet selfie of himself with Heche that day, but Glass later admitted to the LA Times that their interaction was “so weird” and “very, very random.” Glass says Heche “seized [his] Face” and cradled it in her hands, asking him if they had worked together before. Glass said no and offered to work with her in the future. Glass told the Times that Heche was “very pleasant” and felt like “a cutie little girl” behaving.” While police were still investigating Heche over possible drink fraud and hit-and-run driving, Glass’s Instagram comments were inundated with inquiries wondering if Heche appeared “under the influence.” Wow, how life changes so quickly,” mused another follower.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration website or contact the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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