Anne Heche suffers serious injuries in a serious car accident

On August 5, Anne Heche was in a horrific car accident, taking her Mini Cooper down several times in a Los Angeles neighborhood. Witnesses told TMZ that the 53-year-old actor crashed into an apartment complex garage around noon. When residents tried to pull her out of the car, Heche reversed the Mini Cooper and quickly drove away. According to TMZ, shortly after the home accident, Heche crashed her car into a house and started a large fire. The “Aftermath” star was taken away on a stretcher by an ambulance, leaving her charred car and a team of firefighters scrambling to put out the house fire.

Naturally, concern for Heche spilled over onto social media. Rosanna Arquette tweeted She asks for prayers and calls the accident “really tragic” while being a fan expressed “healing love” to the actor.

Given the seriousness of the crash, people are understandably curious about Heche’s condition. The star’s injuries are reportedly quite worrying.

Anne Heche was reportedly intubated as a result of her injuries

Unfortunately, TMZ reported that Anne Heche is intubated – but the positive is she is expected to survive her injuries. Not much is known about her condition other than the severe burns. Heche’s camp said of the incident in a statement to People: “We do not yet have enough information to comment.”

Because Heche is currently intubated, doctors have not run tests to determine if she was driving under the influence of alcohol. However, Heche has been public about her drug use and mental health issues, telling ABC News, “I’ve been drinking. I’ve smoked. I took drugs. I’ve had sex with people. I did everything to take the shame out of my life. The actor said she struggled as an adult after being sexually abused by her father while growing up.

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Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash, the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed to People.

Anne Heche’s car accident was worse than it appeared

LA reporter Rachel Kim shared video of Anne Heche’s car after the accident. tweet“Here is actress Anne Heche’s now mangled vehicle being towed after speeding and crashing into a house in Mar Vista, starting a fire.” The LA Fire Department too tweeted that 59 firefighters arrived to extinguish the fire at the Mar Vista home. In a press release about the accident, firefighters reported that the driver (Heche) was in critical condition.

Deadline reported that Fox11’s eye in the sky, Stu Mandel, described the fiery scene and said, “If anyone lives in there, it’s going to be a miracle.” According to the outlet, after rescuing Heche, Mandel exclaimed, “He’s fully alive! He was trying to escape” as the Fox11 reporter originally thought the driver was male. Police officials told the Los Angeles Times that the Vanished actor has “severe burns” and appears to be “under the influence and acting erratically.”

After the Times reported that Heche may have been under the influence of a fan tweeted: “I don’t know if Anne Heche was under the influence, but I really hope someone who loves her can get her the help she needs quickly. She needs love and support.” Reporter Steve Huff tweeted“She has been quite open about her mental health issues, but as anyone who has had loved ones with certain disorders knows, there are many people who never adequately manage their illness for very long.”

Insights into Anne Heche’s history of mental health and substance abuse

While investigators speculate about Anne Heche’s mental state at the time of her crash, the ‘Psycho’ actor wasn’t shy about sharing the story behind her past mental health struggles and substance abuse issues. During an exclusive 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters in 2001, Heche revealed that she had spent the first 31 years of her life with a mental illness because her father sexually abused her as a child. In fact, for years the actress thought they were two different people — a coping mechanism she developed in response to her father’s advances. “I had a fantasy world that I fled to. I named my alter Celestia,” Heche told Walters. “I thought I was of this world. I thought I was from another planet. I think I was crazy.” This ultimately led to her later battle with substance abuse.

According to a 2000 ABC News report, Heche was hospitalized with a “medical issue” after she showed up at a farmhouse in rural western Fresno County, apparently drunk and confused, and made “strange statements” to residents, who opened the door. “She went on to tell me that she was God and would take everyone to heaven in some kind of spaceship,” the responding MP said in his report.

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While authorities have yet to determine whether drugs or alcohol played a role in Heche’s fiery crash, TMZ noted that there appeared to be “a bottle with a red cap in the cup holder by the shifter” that should have been “a bottle.” can alcohol.”

If you or someone you know needs mental health help, please contact the crisis text line by texting HOME to 741741 call National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

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