Annabelle Wallis impressed Tom Cruise by breaking one of his biggest rules

In addition to being one of the highest grossing movie stars of all time, Tom Cruise has earned a reputation for being overly intense when filming. While working on Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One in 2020, Cruise ballistically approached crew members who weren’t strictly following COVID-19 protocol. “We create thousands of jobs, mother. I never want to see that again. Never!” Cruise was heard screaming on the viral audio released by The US Sun. The ‘Risky Business’ star made it clear that those who didn’t follow the rules would be fired. “I’m sorry, I’m beyond your apology. I told you so, and now I want it, and if you don’t, you’re out,” Cruise added.

A year earlier, while working on “Top Gun: Maverick” aboard the USS Theodore, reports surfaced from an anonymous crew member that Cruise didn’t allow the crew to “look at him or touch him,” according to NBC 7, though those claims were quick were exposed. “Tom Cruise and the cast were nothing but gracious and professional to all the Sailors during filming,” an official told NBC 7.

The pressure was on for Annabelle Wallis when she was cast to co-star alongside Cruise on The Mummy in 2017, though she quickly endeared herself to Cruise by awkwardly “walking straight into a pane of glass,” as she did in Town & Country in told 2017. Wallis later received high praise from Cruise, even though she made him break one of his rules on set.

How Annabelle Wallis convinced Tom Cruise

In addition to his big smile and his own stunts, Tom Cruise is known for walking in front of the camera. Annabelle Wallis revealed her co-star in The Mummy had strict rules about filming running scenes. “I had to walk him on screen, but he told me no at first,” the ‘Malignant’ star told The Hollywood Reporter in 2020. “He said, ‘Nobody walks on the screen [with me]’ and I said, ‘But I’m a really good runner,'” she added. Eventually, Wallis was able to grant her wish, but first she auditioned for the physical task without Cruise realizing. “Well, I’d time my treadmill so he can come in and see me run. And then he added all these running scenes,” Wallis told THR. She described the experience of walking with the “Vanilla Sky” actor as “better than an Oscar.”

Though he was initially reluctant to walk alongside Wallis, Cruise was full of praise for the Peaky Blinders actor. “Annabelle has a unique charm and charisma that Alex and I were keen to capture in the film,” he told Town & Country in 2017. “She’s holding the canvas.”

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That same year, Cruise revealed the secret of how he meshed his polished running technique with co-stars. During a 2017 interview with Hamish & Andy, the “Cocktail” actor was asked how he coordinates his run with those who couldn’t keep up. “Slow down,” he replied with a grin. Over time, Cruise has evolved his gait in front of the camera.

Is Tom Cruise a good runner?

Tom Cruise was asked directly about his running technique at a red carpet event in 2016. The interviewer mentioned a viral compilation video that captured all of the War of the Worlds actor’s running scenes. “Is it a full 18 minutes?” Cruise asked the Entertainment Tonight correspondent. “And that’s a lot of takes, too,” he added. The ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ star spoke about how he learned to keep his pace to film the grueling running sets. “I had to find out because the runs in some of these movies are so long and I have to do maybe 50 sprints in a day,” Cruise said. Although he kept the details of his technique to himself. “So it’s an interesting training session for them,” he added.

While Cruise didn’t reveal his workout routine, experts have noted that his running gait has changed over the years. “It’s around the time he’s in ‘Collateral.’ [2004] that I could actually see it,” NCAA course coach Caryl Smith Gilbert told ESPN in May for an article analyzing Cruise’s running form. After noting that the actor must have had “real coaching,” Smith told Gilbert that Cruise’s run in the film would translate well to real life: “Run speed is stride times cadence. And in that respect he’s pretty good,” she added.