Angelina Jolie proves she’s still firm with her kids amid Brad Pitt drama

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been locked in a custody battle that’s getting more dramatic by the day. The “Maleficent” actor recently requested FBI documents into a plane incident in 2016, according to CNN, and accused her ex-husband of being violent and abusive to her and their children while he was intoxicated. In 2016, the FBI investigated the situation and did not press charges. Sources believe Jolie, who is bringing up the past case, is trying to prolong the custody battle.

“It seems Angelina is determined that Brad should never get 50/50 custody,” an insider told Page Six on Aug. 6. “And some say she won’t rest until the kids are of age, so Brad will never have joint custody.”

But it seems Pitt isn’t letting his argument with his ex-wife affect his life. He’s focused on having fun promoting “Bullet Train,” according to a source, according to People. The insider mentioned that he occasionally has dinner with his kids when they’re all in Los Angeles, saying, “Brad still has a pretty good relationship with them.” And it looks like Jolie is in the custody battle, too a good relationship with the children.

A Broadway date for Angelina Jolie and daughter Vivienne

Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne, who she shares with ex-husband Brad Pitt, had a girls’ night out. The “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” actor took her daughter to the North American tour of “Dear Evan Hansen” in Philadelphia on Aug. 20, per People. A source said Vivienne enjoyed the show so much when she saw it in Los Angeles that she wanted to see it again.

The two even got to go backstage and meet the cast and take a photo with Anthony Norman, who played Evan Hansen, as well as some other cast members. “Wave back @angelinajolie and Vivianne this weekend in Philly,” Dear Evan Hansen’s official Instagram account captioned the picture.

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The backstage photo is fairly rare as Jolie and Pitt prefer to keep their children’s lives private, but Harper’s Bazaar mentioned that their children have been spotted in public more frequently over the past year when the ‘Eternals’ actor went to a concert with them Shiloh in July. This is said to be because the children are getting older, but it could also be due to the custody battle.