Amy Schumer clears the air on Tom Holland Shade speculation

Sometimes your social media jokes land, and other times they make more of a painful belly flop and need to be brought back. That happens to everyone, even professional comedians, on occasion, as Amy Schumer just demonstrated. After a satirical video she posted to her Instagram was misinterpreted, the comedian and actress has had to return to her IG to clarify that her joke did not shame or offend Tom Holland. What?

The mix-up apparently began when Holland posted on his own Instagram that he has been backing away from social media for some time due to his mental health issues. His video encouraged others to “speak up about mental health.” It was perhaps a case of unfortunate timing that Schumer posted a joking video titled “Important Mental Health Announcement” on her IG a day later.

In the video, Schumer joked, “I’ve made a decision for my own sanity to use more social media. I find that looking at my phone eight and a half hours a day helps me and it helps this band-aid and this breakout.” Apparently some people thought this was a deliberate insult to Holland.

Amy Schumer claimed she made fun of herself

In her joking Instagram video, Amy Schumer also said: “And being in my 40’s it’s actually good for me to see all ‘Love Island’ and all ‘The Bachelors’, whether in paradise or just regular mansions. I’ll be seeing a lot more of myself on social media just for my physical and mental well-being.” But because it came so shortly after Tom Holland’s post, some commenters apparently thought she was throwing shadows. A few days later, Schumer wrote in hers Stories and said (via People), “Don’t shadow Spider-Man. Making fun of myself. Of course, social media is toxic!”

In fairness to Schumer, celebrities are announcing they are constantly taking a break from social media because of their mental health. No matter what day she decided to post, there would likely be one someone Post about her decision to stop posting. For example, on the same day as Schumer’s joke video, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas announced her online hiatus on her Instagram. The athlete wrote, among other things, “I want to be the best representation for you all and the best version of myself.” Rapper The Game recently made a similar announcement via Vibe, as did Bindi Irwin, Just Jared reported.

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