All the movies where Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio acted together

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s friendship is one for the books. During their long career, the couple became very close. So close that Winslet reportedly broke down in tears when he saw DiCaprio for the first time in three years. “I’ve known him half my life! It’s not like I found myself in New York or he was in London and there was an opportunity to have dinner or have a coffee and do something.” She told The Guardian: “We could not leave our countries. Like so many friendships worldwide, we missed each other because of Covid. He’s my friend, my really close friend. We are connected for life.”

However, DiCaprio and Winslet’s relationship goes beyond friendship. They’re also each other’s biggest supporters on and off the screen. Who could forget Winslet’s reaction to DiCaprio’s Oscar win? Winslet sat with her hands clasped and her eyes hooded as DiCaprio took the stage and beamed at her friend. Entire articles have been written about their dramatic support for each other at various awards shows.

Considering how big fans they are of each other’s work, it’s a bit surprising that DiCaprio and Winslet have only appeared in two films together during their decades in Hollywood.

Things got exciting during the filming of Titanic

Aside from achieving A-list status, Titanic was also where Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio started bonding, which Winslet says wasn’t always easy. In an old interview, Winslet shared a story about working with DiCaprio. Winslet claimed that one day during a break in filming, she leaned over and whispered to DiCaprio that today was her 21st birthday. Instead of celebrating or wishing her a happy birthday, he reportedly looked right back at her and said, “Honey, I really don’t care.”

You can’t accuse DiCaprio of being grumpy; The set of Titanic was notoriously awful. “It wasn’t comfortable for either of us, but we were all in it together. Though he’s had a lot more days off than I’ve ever had,” Winslet said of the grueling lifelong experience that bonded her and DiCaprio, according to The Guardian. “I think I was raised to be thankful and just move on. I didn’t feel it was my right to be unhappy and if I was unhappy I certainly wouldn’t have told a journalist. There’s no way I would do that, I missed that!”

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While he didn’t want to celebrate Winslet’s birthday, it was precisely on such a difficult set that he found a soul mate in his co-star. “We went through so much on this movie,” DiCaprio said in a 1997 interview with Access Hollywood. “Kate and I were perfect partners throughout the project and supported each other so much.”

Kate Winslet urged Leonardo DiCaprio to star in Revolutionary Road

Years after starring as legendary lovers Jack and Rose on Titanic, fans were thrilled to learn that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio would be reunited as husband and wife on Revolutionary Road. However, the Oscar-winning film almost didn’t materialize and certainly would not have materialized with DiCaprio as the emotionally repressed Frank Wheeler. “The script was sent to me by my LA agent. I read it and loved it,” Winslet told of getting the project off the ground. Eventually, Winslet contacted a friend who owned the rights to the script and was determined to bring it to life. She showed the work to her then-husband Sam Mendes and DiCaprio, but neither seemed particularly interested.

Then Winslet had a plan. She invited DiCaprio for a drink, but dropped out at the last minute and sent Mendes instead. The surprise meeting went so well that within two months they were in pre-production on the film. In the end, DiCaprio was delighted that he had listened to Winslet and signed on to the project. “It’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read,” he said in a promotional interview.

Almost as special as the script was the chance to see Winslet at work again. “She still has the same bizarre professionalism,” he said. “There’s just another confidence factor in working with someone who’s your very good friend — who’s also an incredible actress.”