Alec Baldwin’s career is reportedly back on track in the wake of the Rust tragedy

When cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died as a result of an accidental recording on the set of the Alec Baldwin-sponsored film Rust, the public immediately questioned the actor’s culpability for the tragedy. Although Baldwin held the gun that sadly killed Hutchins, he later protested his innocence and said he did not fire the fatal shot. Earlier this month, the “SNL” star appeared on now-disgraced journalist Chris Cuomo’s podcast to share his theories about what happened on that tragic day in October 2021.

“It’s likely that someone responsible for a situation or area of ​​responsibility and the other person — a tandem of the two people — one or both of them were negligent,” suggested Baldwin in The Chris Cuomo Project.

But even though Baldwin may have escaped criminal charges — for now — many still pointed to Baldwin’s multitude of on-set safety concerns and wondered whether or not he might ever work in Hollywood again. Well, a new casting decision means the ’30 Rock’ actor could reportedly return fully to the spotlight, but in an unexpected medium.

Alec Baldwin is set to go to Broadway

While Alec Baldwin is best known for his roles in front of the camera in films like ‘The Departed’ and ‘Glengarry Glen Ross,’ he is said to be trying to make his comeback by returning to the stage. According to the New York Post, Tony winner Matthew Warchus will direct Baldwin in a revival of Yasmina Reza’s play Art. The source also claims that film and stage actors Tony Shaloub and John Leguizamo will star alongside Baldwin in the originally French 1990s play. While Baldwin’s exact role has not been revealed, “Art” features three male leads, most likely cast by Baldwin, Shaloub, and Leguizamo.

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Aside from his post-Rust shooting interviews, this is Baldwin’s first public appearance since that tragic day. The move to Broadway is somewhat unexpected, considering Baldwin’s last appearance in a stage production (save for his one-off performance of Celebrity Autobiography in 2018) was in 2013’s Orphans, per Playbill. But the notorious actor has a colorful past on Broadway, with credits dating back to 1986. In fact, he was nominated for a Tony Award in 1992 for his starring role in A Streetcar Named Desire.

While Broadway has seemingly welcomed Baldwin back, his return to Hollywood is still hotly debated.