Addison Rae’s dad melts away over his ex-wife’s VMAs makeout with Yung-Gravy

Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, is furious after his ex-wife was spotted snogging rapper Yung Gravy on the red carpet at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. The seemingly innocent hickey follows an online feud between Lopez and Yung Gravy that began shortly after Lopez split from his wife, Sheri Easterling. Gravy opened up about his relationship with Easterling during an appearance on Dave Portnoy’s “BFFs” podcast. “She DMed me at some point,” Gravy explained. “I started showing some love and, you know, now we’re just cute. You know. Flip videos back and forth, send healthy DMs.” Meanwhile, Easterling helped fuel relationship rumors by sharing suggestive videos about Gravy on TikTok.

In response to this flirtatious behavior, Lopez challenged Gravy to a boxing match. “Let’s get in the ring and settle it like men,” Lopez suggested (via Pop Buzz). The middle-aged influencer then lifted his shirt and punched his abs before calling the rapper “Lil Gravy.”

Gravy eventually turned down Lopez’s offer to step in the ring, instead choosing to respond by taking Easterling as his date for the VMAs. Now, amid the ongoing drama, Lopez has launched another attack on Gravy.

Monty Lopez thanks Yung Gravy for taking the leftovers

Addison Rae may not have attended the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, but her mother Sheri Easterling took center stage alongside her date Yung Gravy. Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, has since taken to Instagram to smash his ex-wife and her new fiancé. “Thanks @younggravy for taking the leftovers,” Lopez wrote on his Instagram Story (via E! News). “I’d rather spend time with my daughter and two grandkids that Sheri Nicole left me to be with as a child to be with!” Lopez then claimed that Easterling disrupted his relationship with one of his children, suggesting that he was forced to choose between his wife and his “blood child”.

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Despite Lopez’s recent criticism of his ex-wife, Easterling and Gravy seem to have enjoyed their time together at the annual awards ceremony. “She’s like a southern beauty and I’m a northern boy, so it felt really sweet and wholesome,” Gravy told Page Six on the red carpet. “[I’m] on MILFs, and she’s sort of the queen of MILFs.”

Rae was not present at the Aug. 28 event and has yet to comment explicitly on the messy debacle surrounding her parents.