A bizarre new rumor about Armie Hammer’s life spreads

When you see the phrase, “A bizarre new rumor spreads about Armie Hammer’s life,” you know it really can be anything. Hammer’s odd, occasionally disturbing behavior on social media (as brilliantly described in Vox) includes activities like “liking” posts that depicted more extreme forms of intoxication, or personally responding to a writer portraying his rise to Hollywood. But then alleged evidence that Hammer had a sadistic cannibalism sex fetish eventually gave way to much darker rape allegations. Hammer has denied these allegations.

However, the allegations were enough to see the once-rising star dropped from a string of projects. According to Variety, he was removed from roles in the films Shotgun Wedding and Billion Dollar Spy, as well as the series The Offer. Since then, the newly divorced Hammer has relocated to Grand Cayman, began dating a dental hygienist (reportedly), according to Page Six, and now only shows up in the real world every now and then. This has led to some pretty weird rumors being circulated about how he spends his time these days.

Is Armie Hammer working as a resort concierge on Grand Cayman?

One such rumor has it that Armie Hammer is now working as a concierge in the Cayman Islands. TMZ reported that Hammer has spent a lot of time at a certain resort and even given tours while dressed like a staff member at a Cayman Islands resort. TMZ also noted that a flyer that has been floating around on social media lately appears to be promoting the actor as the “personal concierge” at the resort. Everyone needs a job, we’re guessing, but hate to burst your bubble – Hammer has denied the rumours.

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Hammer’s attorney told Variety in a statement that the flyer was fake and that it was all just a silly prank. Apparently Hammer really is a frequent guest at this resort and has made friends with some of the staff there. Sometimes he even goes golfing with them. That seems a little more plausible when Hammer suddenly decides to work at the front desk of a tropical resort.