90 Day Fiancé stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s divorce is getting seriously messy

When Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno first appeared in 90 Day Fiance, you couldn’t help but root for them. After all, they seemed so in love, and their families (like anything) didn’t approve – it was basically Shakespeare. After much back and forth with their loved ones, they finally got married.

They were so popular with fans that they landed a role in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? after their first appearance on 90 Day Fiance, which chronicled their engagement in Jimeno’s native Dominican Republic. From there, they went on to star in their own spin-off, The Family Chantel, which focused on Everett’s Atlanta family as well as her marriage to Jimeno.

However, like so many reality marriages, Jimeno and Everett’s wasn’t built to last. Jimeno reportedly filed their first divorce petition in May after nearly five years of marriage, according to Us Weekly. If you’ve seen any of their engagement stories on 90 Day Fiance, you know things have never been easy for the couple. Following this trend, the upcoming divorce turns out to be just as messy as the marriage.

Pedro and Chantel have apparently grown apart

Pedro Jimeno was the one who ended his marriage to Chantel Everett. Jimeno and Everett reportedly split a month before his May filing. In addition to the divorce documents, Jimeno also filed a petition to ensure all of the couple’s money would remain in a joint account, per TMZ.

Jimeno told the judge that Everett had withdrawn over $250,000 from their joint account since they broke up the month before. Jimeno claimed he tried to resolve the issues with Everett privately, but she allegedly transferred the money — which he relies on for a living — to her sister’s account out of spite, according to In Touch. As if that wasn’t enough, the pair were also granted a mutual restraining order.

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For those who watched The Family Chantel’s final season, the breakup shouldn’t come as a shock. Everett and Jimeno fought constantly over his new job as a real estate agent and Everett’s listlessness. Everett felt that Jimeno was getting inappropriately close to some of his colleagues, while Jimeno felt frustrated that Everett couldn’t keep up with his work ethic (via In Touch). They also couldn’t agree on when to start a family. “I want kids, of course I want kids, but not with Chantel right now,” Jimeno explained during a June episode of “The Family Chantel,” per the Daily Mail. “I don’t think she’s mentally prepared. We are not emotionally ready to bring a baby into this world.”