Trevor Noah And Minka Kelly Confirm What We Suspected All Along

With their identical button noses and inclination for charitable activity, Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly were frequently perceived as a natural couple. A source told E! News in August 2020 that the pair had started quarantining in Noah’s New York apartment after months of courting, despite the fact that the two never explicitly acknowledged their … Read more

This Was Betty White’s Last Public Appearance

Actress Betty White passed away at the age of 99, leaving the entertainment industry in a state of grief. The cultural icon apparently passed away on December 31 at her home, as first reported by TMZ. White made a remarkable impact on the whole entertainment industry with her appearances in “The Golden Girls,” “The Mary … Read more

The Funniest 90 Day Fiance Moments That Make Us Love It Even More

Long-distance relationships are challenging, and when they span international boundaries, they become even more challenging. The popular TLC program “90 Day Fiancé” follows men and women from all over the world as they immigrate to the US and have just 90 days to wed an American fiancé in order to qualify for a K-1 visa. … Read more

Tragic Details About Robert Redford

Robert Redford, one of the few remaining performers who have made a name for themselves during Hollywood’s Golden Age, is still going strong far into his eighties. But despite a six-decade career that has seen him win Oscars for acting and directing, create the independent Sundance Film Festival, and even receive the Presidential Medal of … Read more